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Work that's creatively

To deliver unforgettable experiences, we use the power of live events and the influence of communications. We tell brand stories using the latest live creative tech, always extending the reach of our campaigns with digital and social technologies.

We've worked on thousands of campaigns from a wide range of top brands across multiple sectors from around the globe. We're also privileged to have 1 in 6 of the world's top 100 brands as clients. 

Client Portfolio

Client portfolio

Client Logos_Grey_Adidas.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_BEL.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_BP.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Centrica.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Coca Cola.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_V2_Continental Tyres.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Dropbox.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_EMAAR.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_General Mills.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Google.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_V2_Hasbro.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Heineken.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Kimberley-Clark.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Lego.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Maxxium.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_News Corp.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_P&G.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_PHE.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_QATAR Airways.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Renault.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Sydney Water.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_V2_Tech21.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_V2_Timberland.jpg
Client Logos_Grey_Woolworths AUS.jpg