Virtually Anything is Possible 

Virtual Atoms (VAs) are a pioneering new Virtual Media built on a blockchain platform, and these staggeringly smart digital assets (which can also be Non-fungible Tokens or NFTshave the ability to revolutionise the way you connect with your customers. Imagine being able to distribute infinite virtual tokens/experiences to engage with your audience anywhere in the world on a one-to-one basis. Imagine those digital tokens could be designed in any way (as CGI, animated video or static digital elements) and could be programmed to be or do just about anything. Well, with VA’s you need to imagine no more, because they can be all those things and moreand they’re far more affordable than many other current forms of digital media.  

Consumers and shoppers can collect VA’s in the virtual world by ‘grabbing’ them in camera AR (or map) view, like the recent campaign we developed for Benefit Cosmetics in the UK. They’re stored in the user’s web-based digital inventory, but they can be sent, shared, or redeemed for real-life rewards (like the multi award-winning 2-for-1 beer vouchers we created for Carlton & United Breweries in AUS). You can assign them any value you choose, from pennies through to a million pounds, or exclusive access to events or experiences, and it is impossible to replicate them as they are built on Blockchain 

From delivering your advertising campaign direct to people in their homes, to revolutionising sampling and couponing at retail events, through to driving reach, recommendation or recruitment via friend-get-friend techniques; the diversity of VA's will provide plenty of digital and real-world benefit to your marketing plan. The possibilities are endless, and not just when it comes to creating engaging campaigns that will surprise and delight, but for solving a whole host of other business challenges too. 

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