Immersive tech. 

Virtually, anything is possible.

The move into the virtual world has revolutionised the way brands are able to connect with customers. With new immersive tech like Virtual Asset Tokens (VATs) and NFTs you can virtually engage any size audience, anywhere, at any time...even inside their homes. Virtually, anything really is possible.

Virtual Asset Tokens (VATs), a form of NFTs, are digital creative that can be dropped anywhere in the world, at any time, in any amount, targeting anyone. They’re a fusion of augmented reality (AR), location-based tech and a revolutionary new digital platform, and they’re incredibly flexible, having the unique ability to solve a variety of business challenges.

NFTs let you offer special benefits (beyond bragging rights). As a brand, you can use this to reward high-value customers or offer incentives for your customer-engagement programs. Imagine launching a campaign in which you mint thousands of product-backed NFTs. And those customers lucky enough to grab one, not only get the product (and perhaps also the choice of other rare items), but also access to exclusive brand events and content, free of charge.

There are huge benefits for brands when it comes to working in the virtual world. That’s why we’ve partnered with our sister company (a leading global software provider) for virtual customer engagement. This will ensure we’re able to help our clients connect with their audiences anywhere, and at any time.

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