Create thumb-stopping content to cut through.

It’s no secret that content on social media, and especially influencer content, has the ability to significantly impact buying decisions. If it resonates... That’s why what you put out ‘there’ needs to connect with the person on the other side of the screen. So, whatever we create, whether it’s a big-budget influencer campaign with a superstar, or a simple reply to a frustrated customer on IG, we make sure it has thumb-stopping power.

There’s huge value for brands in social media and particularly influencer marketing. But it’s critical to develop a strategy right for your brand. Marketers are often seduced by scale when it comes to social media. However, we believe if you want to create real connections, then brand fit, authenticity and results are far more important than reach.

That’s why our approach to social media and influencer marketing is to recommend a strategy that’s tailored to your brand, works within your budget and delivers real, tangible long-term results.

Our services include:
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Content strategy and development.

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Metric reports tracking genuine engagement.

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Day-to-day community management.

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A multi-pronged influencer approach using micro, as well as bigger key opinion leaders.

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Data-gathering to identify relevant micro-tribes.

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Content creation.

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