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Promotional staffing

Your brand is in safe hands

To deliver an unforgettable brand experience you need unforgettably good promotional staff. A great brand ambassador should act as a physical extension of your brand and epitomise everything you stand for. Friendly, informed and enthusiastic event professionals are essential to driving action and inspiring brand love.

Our proven ability to source the right staff for the right campaign means that your next activation will be in very safe hands. Our passionate and dedicated team is committed to matching staff

What makes us different?

Unlike many other creative agencies, we have a team that is solely dedicated to promotional staffing. From sampling to corporate events and wider brand awareness campaigns, we provide thorough training sessions to ensure all of our brand ambassadors have an in-depth understanding of your key messages, products and what is required of them. And you also get to have a chemistry meeting with them beforehand to make sure you’re entirely happy with our choice.

You also get unparalleled live access to our interactive performance dashboard, SCOPE, which our promotional staff update regularly throughout campaigns; allowing you to monitor the success of your experiential activation or live event and get instant feedback.

How we do it

Staffing lies at the heart of everything we deliver, from conception to evaluation. We will recruit your perfect team from across our nationwide pool of talented brand ambassadors, and set individual KPIs to reach brand goals, including sample numbers, engagement rates and sales uplift. We cover all the logistics from stock management to uniforms, and our personal and detailed approach will ensure your brand experience is meaningful and memorable.

Why outsource your staffing?

Finding the perfect brand ambassadors can be a time-intensive task. Once sourced, you also need to train and manage them to ensure your event runs smoothly. By handing that responsibility over to us, you can be rest assured that we’ll find the best people for the job. We also cover all those tiresome but essential admin tasks – like insurance and wage payments – to make it as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

Nivea Electric Picnic Promotional Staffing
Nivea Electric Picnic
Renault NPC 2018 Promotional Staffing
Renault at NPC 2018

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Because’s real time evaluation is very impressive and their work is rigorously evaluated with improvements implemented immediately.
Emma Heath, Marketing Controller, Maxxium

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