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Virtual reality’s time is now. This highly-creative technology is transforming the way that consumers interact with and relate to brands, offering up unparalleled levels of immersiveness.

The potential is limitless, and one piece of VR content can influence a truly global audience. Bringing to life all manner of brand stories, topics and historical events in highly memorable fashion, it’s the perfect platform for educating audiences and making a lasting impact.

What is it?

A rapidly-advancing technology that lets users interact with simulations of places found in either the real world or the imagination. Often combined with CGI film-making or 360˚ video content, VR allows brands to offer up an infinite number of ‘impossible’ experiences.

How does it work?

VR artificially replicates environments to take users on incredible journeys, from travelling through the inside of a fridge to exploring the hidden depths of a famous painting. It provides fascinating first-person interaction opportunities, allowing users to touch, sense and truly feel your brand.

Do other brands use it?

VR has now been openly embraced by brands worldwide, and supported by the biggest names in technology. Our award-winning Boursin Sensorium roadshow well and truly pushed the boundaries for a global food brand, while our educational awareness campaign for WWF-UK made people stop and think about the future of wild tigers. More and more big names are now opening their eyes to how VR can be used to educate, train, inform and engage.

WWF-UK Virtual Reality Campaign
WWF-UK Virtual Reality Tiger Experience
Boursin Sensorium
Boursin Sensorium
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This campaign truly captured everyone’s imagination – giving them a genuine, feel-good insight into the fun and fantastic world of Yorkshire Tea.
Simon Eyles, Marketing Director, Yorkshire Tea

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