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Immersive technologies - Touch screen technology and interactive surfaces

Take control of your environment

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Touch screen technology is everywhere you look these days. The pervasive use of smartphones and tablets has quickly made us all supremely comfortable with responsive screens and surfaces.

This widespread acceptance is great news for brands. It’s opened up a whole host of fresh possibilities for experiential marketing activations.

Increasingly, touch screen technology and interactive surfaces are becoming a central part of building brand love.

What is it?

Rapidly-evolving technology allowing people to take control of digital elements and dictate outcomes, just through touch.

How does it work?

The technology lets users navigate, locate, manipulate information and influence visual detail by touching and interacting with it. Often used alongside augmented reality, the level of direct engagement and fun that can be offered up is hugely powerful for brands.

Do other brands use it?

Interactive surfaces are now a big part of experiential activations. McDonald's treated hungry lunchgoers with a Big Mac ATM, while supermarket Carrefour’s interactive screen let people shop like a Jedi

With many more weird and wonderful technological advancements looming on the horizon, interactive surfaces will continue to lie at the heart of memorable brand experiences.

McDonald’s Big Mac ATM experience
Rexona invisible walkway prank

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