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The power of projection has certainly not been overlooked by big-name brands.

A popular ‘rave’ activation approach, projection mapping can make the impossible possible by delivering incredible visuals that both surprise and delight fans.

While highly costly and currently largely limited to night-time settings, daylight projection mapping is becomingly an ever-growing possibility. In time, the technology’s scope will be fully opened up, with projection-mapped products and displays becoming core to live events.

What is it?

The art of turning objects into display surfaces for the purposes of video projection. Quite often, these objects are unusually shaped, such as buildings and outdoor locations.

How does it work?

Specialist software allows for a 2D or 3D object to be spatially mapped on to a virtual program, with this then mimicking the real environment it’s to be projected on.

Do other brands use it?

The use of projection mapping is growing fast. American Express’ impressive celebration of tennis stars past, present and future dazzled attendances at the US Open, while mineral water brand Contrex's projected strip tease campaign is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

A number of big locations have now played host to interactive projection mapping campaigns, including Tel Aviv City Hall’s transformation into a giant game of Tetris.  

Contrex projected strip tease
American Express 'Rally on the River' 
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