See it, snap it, share it

Image is everything. We now live in a world that’s driven by visual stimuli, and brands are vying to catch the attention of consumers and stand out from the crowd in a big way.

New and highly creative methods for capturing, manipulating and sharing images are now dominating experiential marketing activations

These play to the seemingly-insatiable appetite for highly shareable, fun and compelling visual content, and provide the perfect fuel to feed a generation’s fear of missing out (FOMO).

A range of image-based technology and associated apps now exist to meet the needs of content-hungry Millennials and the social-savvy Generation Z. This includes autonomous and micro drones, social photobooths and the highly popular Prisma app.

New image-focused photographic technology is emerging each and every day, but the core aim remains simple: capturing a real-life visual image and recreating it for another purpose. With the huge growth of social media, brands are flocking to find new ways to encourage fans to share their experience visually.

Photobooths are a long-standing mainstay of live brand experiences, and Qualcomm’s touring 3D photobooth is a great example of the technology’s versatility. Drones are the bold next step forward when it comes to image capture, and are already used by forward-thinking brands to deliver stunning visuals.

The future of image capture lies in autonomous drones with 360˚ VR capability, able to capture breath-taking views and perspectives like never before.