See the world like never before

We’re in the midst of an experiential marketing revolution, and augmented reality is right at the very centre. This highly creative technology has the ability to dazzle, surprise and delight users by adding a whole new dimension to our everyday surroundings.

Activations combining AR with face and gesture recognition have grown hugely in popularity; interactive billboards and vending machines are now widely used engagement tools.

The expert blending of digital assets with real-life. This booming technology is now a core part of the experiential marketing toolkit, providing end users with an abundance of interactivity and value-add information as part of well-rounded brand experiences.

AR sees real-world environments augmented with computer-generated content – video, sound or graphics. Unlike virtual reality, AR builds on and modifies reality, rather than changing it completely. Its immense flexibility allows brands to create amazing, memorable and fun experiences that remain grounded in real world settings.

The technology reached the masses in a big way with the huge popularity of Pokémon Go, but many other big names have also embraced it. From Pepsi's unbelievable bus shelter experience to Tokyo Aquarium’s Penguin Navi app, AR can be highly entertaining and novel. And with the rise of smartphone app Blippar, it’s also becoming increasingly useful too.