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Immersive technologies

Create extraordinary experiences and content

Cutting-edge technologies like virtual and augmented reality can add whole new dimensions to experiential marketing.

Our in-house team has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in live creative tech and we’ll open your eyes to whole new ways to amaze customers.

We’ll help you understand the best and latest tech to match your brief, and devise clever content to maximise its potential.

Because when it comes to tech, we’ve got it ticked.

How we do it

Our skills in creative live tech and associated content are broad and ever evolving, but include:

Why immersive technologies are a great choice

Used smartly, creative technologies can result in extraordinary live experiences and brilliant campaign content to share. Which is exactly what people love when brands get it right.

How to best use immersive technologies

Be open-minded to new possibilities. Think outside the box to stand out from your competitors. Integrate relevant tech into the heart of your campaign. Make it easy for people to share their amazement.

Sydney Water: Natural Source, Natural Choice
Continental Tyres Virtual Reality Experience

How we can help

Complementary services

Live creative technology services are most effective when paired with other marketing activities. Take a look at our Experiential, Communications and Digital and Social services to see what's possible for your brand. 


Experiential marketing

Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable live experience. Combine the power of experiential events, sampling and face to face conversation to build love for your brand.

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Events & sponsorships

Discover how we can help match you to the right brand partner and event to maximise the impact of your messaging and connect with an engaged and targeted audience.

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Digital & social

Amplify the impact and reach of live experiences with new tech, digital creativity and social media campaigns. Ignite conversations and create ways for people to share the love.

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The Boursin Sensorium was a perfect parallel with our objective. The sensorial experience meant we presented the brand the way we wanted to.
Steve Gregory, Marketing Director, Bel

The Boursin Sensorium