Delight and surprise audiences in unexpected spaces

Pop-up activations present big opportunities for brands. Pop-ups offer the chance to reach out and grab consumer attention in surprising situations, to generate plenty of positive brand buzz, and a host of interaction possibilities. No wonder they’re now so popular.

A widely-used marketing tactic, highly creative and visual pop-up stands, shops and cafés are now regular sights on high streets and in bustling shopping centres. These are typically built in spaces with high footfall, as more and more brands recognise the commercial value of reaching niche audiences in relevant spaces.

Manned by willing and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, pop-up activations can serve as an all-important first opportunity for a consumer to interact directly with a brand. Hugely popular within retail environments, pop-ups are perfect for aligning experiential marketing activity with direct product purchases. Activations are often situated within retail environments and offer alluring purchasing incentives to shoppers.