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Experiential - Pop-ups & residencies 

Delight and surprise audiences in unexpected spaces

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Pop-up activations present big opportunities for brands. Pop-ups offer the chance to reach out and grab consumer attention in surprising situations, to generate plenty of positive brand buzz, and a host of interaction possibilities. No wonder they’re now so popular.

What is it?

A widely-used marketing tactic, highly creative and visual pop-up stands, shops and cafés are now regular sights on high streets and in bustling shopping centres. These are typically built in spaces with high footfall, as more and more brands recognise the commercial value of reaching niche audiences in relevant spaces.

Manned by willing and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, pop-up activations can serve as an all-important first opportunity for a consumer to interact directly with a brand. Hugely popular within retail environments, pop-ups are perfect for aligning experiential marketing activity with direct product purchases. Activations are often situated within retail environments and offer alluring purchasing incentives to shoppers.

A big advantage of pop-ups is the chance for brands to reach wide audiences and gain entry into new markets at a far lower cost than other marketing routes.

How we do it 

Our pop-up campaigns for leading brands, while often short-lived, always leave a lasting impression.

We have executed successful pop-up campaigns for a host of FMCG brands and public sector firms. Our experienced team takes the time to understand marketing objectives and to make sure that the pop-up experience is delivered in the best way to see real results.

Our sophisticated and scientific venue selection model identifies the very best locations to connect with target audiences. We then draw on our wide experiential marketing knowledge to develop the right creative campaign to reach this audience and deliver on objectives.

What makes us different?

Quite simply, our experience and innovative approach. We’ve successfully executed numerous pop-up campaigns that have varied massively in look and feel, and we continue to evolve our approach in a bid to surprise consumers with magical and memorable brand experiences.

Whether it’s our multi-sensory experiential Boursin Sensorium roadshow, our pumped-up pop-up for Reebok, or our highly-personal PHE Be Clear on Cancer campaign, we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to the creative and inspired use of pop-ups for direct face-to-face marketing.

tech21: Drop-after-drop global experiential pop-up
The Macallan Residence

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Because were an amazing team to work with and put on a wonderful finale to top off a great season of the Color Run.
Rubina Iqbal, Brand Manager, Dulux

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