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Events & sponsorships

Be seen. Be heard. Be remembered.

An engaged and relevant audience seeing and experiencing your brand in memorable fashion.

Sound good?

Working with the right brand partner or aligning your brand with and injecting your distinct personality into the right event can be a huge first step on the road to long-lasting brand love.

What is it?

Event sponsorship is a well-recognised marketing tactic for boosting brand awareness and visibility. Events worldwide seek, and crave, relevant brand sponsorship to ensure their success. With this comes big opportunities.

The level of brand exposure available through event sponsorships or brand partnerships depends on what is agreed early on. It can range from pure brand visibility right through to being an absolutely pivotal part of an event.

How we do it

With our experiential marketing hats firmly in place, we carefully research and pin-point specific consumer experiential events and maximise these to help brands achieve their goals.

Drawing on our long-standing events knowledge and our love for delivering unforgettable brand experiences, we match target events with complimentary brand equities and values for the very best results.

In short, we make sure that each and every sponsorship and brand partnership is mutually beneficial for all involved.

What makes us different?

Our team is skilled at identifying both popular and emerging events that cater for specific niche and target audiences, and oversees successful event sponsorships and partnership arrangements to help your brand to reach even further.

Our work with Dulux perfectly illustrates what this looks like, in practice.

When the brand wanted to enable a younger audience to celebrate the transformational and emotional value of colour, we teamed Dulux up with the happiest 5k run on the planet – The Color Run™. The partnership gave 90K runners vibrant memories and photos to keep and share online.

Brand sponsorships should always enhance the experience for those visiting, or taking part in, events. Memorable, magical experiences and highly positive associations for your brand should be the end result. We can make that happen.  


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How we can help

Complementary services

Communication services are most effective when paired with other marketing activities. Take a look at our Experiential, Digital and Social and Live Creative Technology services to see what's possible for your brand. 


Experiential marketing

Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable live experience. Combine the power of experiential events, sampling and face to face conversation to build love for your brand.

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Immersive technologies

Use cutting-edge tech to create incredible experiential events and content. Capture and share powerful emotional reactions and measure exceptional results.

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Digital & social

Amplify the impact and reach of live experiences with new tech, digital creativity and social media campaigns. Ignite conversations and create ways for people to share the love.

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This campaign truly captured everyone’s imagination – giving them a genuine, feel-good insight into the fun and fantastic world of Yorkshire Tea.
Simon Eyles, Marketing Director, Yorkshire Tea

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