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Experiential marketing - Employee engagement

Bringing brands to life, from the inside out

What is it?

Employee engagement is a highly personal process, and one that is distinct and unique to each business.

At its heart, it is about understanding what drives and motivates your staff, and bringing your people on a journey closely aligned to brand vision and strategy.  

How we do it

As experts in delivering captivating live brand experiences, we are happy to offer our knowledge and expertise to organisations through enlightening and engaging learning sessions to unite teams.

We regularly run dedicated lunch and learn sessions with brand houses, and are happy to come to you for a bespoke experience marketing masterclass. These interactive sessions highlight the very latest technologies and experiential trends and are designed to excite, delight and surprise employees about the possibilities offered by this incredibly-diverse medium.

We also use our experiential marketing expertise to deliver specific employee engagement events in a host of outdoor locations, using our creativity to bring brands to life for employees.

Boosting morale, aiding retention and increasing productivity, employee engagement is well worth the investment.

What makes us different?

We tailor our approach to employee engagement events to make sure that each aligns closely with brand values, company cultures and distinct internal goals.

We bring staff on a journey of discovery and unity, drawing on the skills that we have amassed from captivating consumer audiences for leading FMCG brands and public sector organisations alike.  

And we do everything possible to make sure that employees leave our events with a greater sense of brand love.

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How we can help

Complementary services

Experiential marketing is most effective when paired with other marketing activities. Take a look at our Communication, Digital and Social and Live Creative Technology services to see what's possible. 


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