Augmented & mixed reality.

See the world like never before.

We’re in the midst of an experiential-marketing revolution and augmented and mixed reality (AR and MR) is right at the epicenter. This highly-immersive creative tech adds a whole new dimension to our everyday surroundings, enabling us to create memorable experiences worth sharing. It’s truly incredible, and that’s why we’ve made it a core part of our marketing toolkit.

The impressive tech that is AR and MR augments real-world environments with computer-generated content – video, sound or graphics. Unlike virtual reality, AR and MR builds on and modifies reality, rather than changing it completely. Activations combining this tech with face-and-gesture recognition have grown hugely in popularity; for example, interactive billboards and vending machines are now widely used engagement tools.

This tech’s immense flexibility allows us to create amazing, memorable and fun experiences for our brand partners, that remain grounded in real-world settings. It’s impressive and it impresses, and that’s why we love creating tech-fuelled campaigns.



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