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Experiential marketing

Building live experiences people love

Our experiential marketing services cover everything you need to create and deliver unforgettable live experience campaigns.

With in-house expertise in concept design, location planning, production, logistics and staffing, we know exactly what it takes to create and measure magical – and practical – live brand activations.  

Experiential isn’t right for every brand, but it’s relevant to most sectors. 

Well planned and executed, it’s an unbeatable way to get people trying, buying and recommending your product, service or cause.

How we do it

Our full-service approach to experiential includes a series of specialist skills:

Why experiential is a great choice

If you want to build trust, understanding and love for your brand, experiential is a fantastic medium. No other marketing channel is as engaging or human as a face to face encounter, and in an increasingly digital world this matters.

How to best use experiential

Look at your brand’s personality. Delve into its story. Create memorable and measurable experiences around them. Then watch the love pour in.

Yorkshire Tea on the Train
Yorkshire Tea #teaonthetrain
Dulux Color Run
Dulux Color Run

How we can help

Experiential marketing

Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable live experience combing the power of experiential events, sampling and face to face conversation.

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Events & sponsorships

Discover how we can help match you to the right brand partner and event to maximise the impact of your messaging and connect with an engaged audience.

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Immersive technologies

Use cutting-edge tech to create incredible experiential events and content. Capture and share powerful emotional reactions and measure exceptional results.

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Digital & social

Amplify live experiences with new technologies, digital creativity and savvy social media campaigns - and make it easy for people to share the love.

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Corporate events

Engage employees and stakeholders with unforgettable events that share a company vision and celebrate success. Transform hearts and minds through creative and seamless live experiences.

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Shopper marketing

Understanding consumer desires is essential to winning over hearts and wallets. Our shopper marketing services help brands engage in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

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Because’s real time evaluation is very impressive and their work is rigorously evaluated with improvements implemented immediately.
Emma Heath, Marketing Controller, Maxxium

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