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Digital & social

Experiences that live on and on

If you’re looking for ways to make your experiential campaigns live on, then read on.

Our digital and social services amplify and extend the reach of live campaigns.

We’re experts in bringing live, digital and social experiences together to maximise brand return.

New digital technologies can give experiential events added life. Social media can turn brand experiences into viral events for millions to enjoy.

Together, digital and social amplification means more people can enjoy the experience, time and again.  

How we do it

Our digital and social media services cover:

  • Experiential amplification
  • Mobile and social gaming
  • Viral content
  • Apps and microsites
  • Live technologies

Why digital and social is a great choice

When people love an experience, they love to talk about it.

Our digital and social services give them more things to talk about, and more ways to share the love.

How best to use digital and social

Seek out new ideas to surprise and delight. Plan ways to create a buzz.

Add value with every element of your experiential campaign. Drive positive word of mouth.

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The tools to get the job done
Social media essentials 
Experiential marketing essentials

How we can help

Complementary services

Digital and social services are most effective when paired with other marketing activities. Take a look at our Experiential, Communications and Live Creative Technology services to see what's possible for your brand. 


Experiential marketing

Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable live experience. Combine the power of experiential events, sampling and face to face conversation to build love for your brand.

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Events & sponsorships

Discover how we can help match you to the right brand partner and event to maximise the impact of your messaging and connect with an engaged and targeted audience.

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Immersive technologies

Use cutting-edge tech to create incredible experiential events and content. Capture and share powerful emotional reactions and measure exceptional results.

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BEcause were an amazing team to work with and put on a wonderful finale to top off a great season of the Color Run.
Rubina Iqbal, Brand Manager, Dulux

Dulux The Color Run


7 essentials for getting social media right

Learn how to integrate experiential marketing with social media to amplify and enhance the reach of your campaign.

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