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There’s been an evolution in shopper marketing - e-commerce and shopper have merged. A consumer’s path from consideration to ‘in-the-bag' now takes place both on and offline. This means you need to be creating an interconnected mix of messaging that connects with your audience wherever they are on their journey.

Digital savvy customers are expecting more from retail stores. It’s no longer good enough to put up a provocative shelf talker at eye-level and expect your product to sell. Brands need to be creating omnichannel campaigns, bespoke, contactless browsing-type experiences and hyper personalized communication.

We're incredibly excited about how this arena is developing and the endless creative possibilities we can use to bring brands to life in this space. The fusion of the physical and digital world will no doubt improve the shopping experience for customers, not to mention the bottom line for our clients, and we know we’ve got it ‘in-the-bag’.

Our services include:
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Influencer marketing & content creation.

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Virtual media & NFTs.

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Pricing and promotional strategy.

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Environmental stimulus.

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Sales promotions and sampling techniques.

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