Creating passionate brand storytellers

To communicate well, first you have to listen, then you need to give people fresh things to talk and write about.

Our communications services turn live moments into sharable brand stories, compelling encounters that consumers, journalists and influencers feel engaged with.

In today’s social economy, one person’s experience can quickly become hundreds of people’s perception. Create and manage your story well, and the word of mouth effect can be truly remarkable.

How we do it
Our communications services cover a wide range of skills and activities including:

Live stunts
Sponsorship amplification
Celebrity engagement
Content creation
Influencer events
Why communications is a great choice
People love sharing experiences and stories. Events are brilliant for content creation and when coupled with a clear communications strategy, it’s an excellent way to get your story out there.

Listen and learn. Identify your potential ‘storytellers’. Immerse them in your brand story. Give them compelling content to talk and write about. Let them sing your praises.