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Creating meaningful, memorable and magical experiences

We help brands achieve their marketing ambitions through creative live, digital and virtual experiences.

Take a look at our broad range of services below. If you have a specific project that you want to discuss, why not drop us a line?

Strategy & planning


We combine knowledge of people, markets and consumer decision making to deliver creative, immersive and emotive strategies grounded in careful planning.

Learn more about our strategy and planning services

Creative services


We push the ‘art of the possible’ to its limits, delivering ideas that sound great in the boardroom and translate into reality.

Learn more about our creative services

Experiential marketing


Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable live experience, combining the power of experiential events, sampling and face to face conversation.

Learn more about our experiential marketing services

Events & sponsorships


We can match you to the right brand partner and event to maximise the impact of your messaging and connect with an engaged and targeted audience.

Learn more about our events sponsorship services

Immersive technologies


Use cutting-edge consumer tech to create incredible branded experiences. Capture and share powerful emotional reactions and generate exceptional results.

Learn more about our immersive technologies services

Influencer marketing

Emaar Influencer Campaign

Get paired with influencers that can target savvy, hard-to-reach audiences in authentic and engaging ways and deliver real, tangible results for your brand. 

Learn more about our influencer marketing services

Digital & social


Amplify the impact and reach of live experiences with new technologies, digital creativity and savvy social media campaigns. 

Learn more about our digital & social services

Corporate events


Engage employees and stakeholders with unforgettable events that share a company vision and celebrate success. 

Learn more about our corporate events services

Shopper marketing

TBS Dreams.jpg

Our shopper marketing services help brands engage in the right place, at the right time, in the right way to win over hearts and wallets. 

Learn more about our shopper marketing services


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