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Matching brands to ambassadors with our People Profile Model


Using Peer to Peer Profiling to create deeper connections

Brilliant brand ambassadors can make all the difference to experiential campaigns.  But in our minds, one size never fits all.  When it comes to face to face contact, consumers love connecting with like-minded people.  Which is exactly where our People Profile Model comes in.

What's it all about?

Very simply, our People Profile model matches a brand’s target audience with their peers.  If you’re looking to connect with young mums, that’s who we’ll recruit as your brand ambassadors.  If you’re after younger music fans, then we’ll give you a team of part-time musicians, DJs and dancers.  And for over 50s, who better to put out in the field than brand ambassadors at similar life-stages who can talk from personal experience?

When do you use it?

Hand-picking the best ambassadors for your brand is something we do on every campaign.  It’s especially effective for experiential campaigns with an educational element.  For PHE, for example, we’ve regularly called on former cancer sufferers to front awareness campaigns and chat to people about their personal stories.

How does it work?

Every brand ambassador we recruit is extensively profiled, enabling us to match hobbies, personalities and experiences to individual brands.  For national roadshows, often we’ll supplement a core event team with local brand ambassadors.  Their local accents and area knowledge can quickly make national brands seem much more relevant to local people.

Why should I bother?

In experiential marketing, you’ve got to make a great personal connection between your brand and your audience.  Our brand ambassadors are the key to making that happen.  And our People Profile Model ensures we pick just the right people to be the faces and voices of your brand.

Sounds good. How I can learn more?

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our People Profile Model.

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