Collecting real-time insights

Real-time reporting is one of the great strengths of live marketing. From event managers reporting back on campaign progress to consumers providing instant feedback at events, our data management system provides powerful and actionable analytics.

Our Data Management Platform lets us analyse exactly how your campaign is performing in the field whilst it’s live. Data can be collected from multiple touchpoints at once, from web to email, tablet, mobile and event kiosks. Collated responses to surveys and questionnaires can be analysed as a whole or by source. It’s a simple, fast and transparent way of seeing exactly how things are going, so tweaks can be made to campaigns ‘on the fly’ if desired.

When do you use it?
Good reporting starts at the planning stage. We agree with you exactly what we need to measure, build the right questionnaires and plan the best times and tools to collect the data. As soon as your campaign goes live, so does our data management platform – giving everyone a running insight into campaign performance from the off.

How does it work?

Every questionnaire can be customised to mirror client branding. When consumers engage with a live brand experience, we’ll ask them to give some quick feedback via on-stand tablets or automated emails thanking them for visiting a stand. Internally, event managers will also complete daily updates on campaign progress for analysis by our HQ team.

Few other marketing techniques offer such instant consumer feedback as live brand experiences. Our data management system makes sure we capture those invaluable insights and reactions in real time.

Sounds good. How I can learn more?

Get in touch with us today to discuss how our data management platform can enhance your next campaign.