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Our online calculator will help you determine the value a BEcause partnership could generate financially for your agency. You get to consider each element of proposed support and compare value with likely cost. Simply fill in the fields below to get your personalised result.

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How do you quantify the value of a BEcause Partnership?

Answer the questions below based on what you believe to be the value to you (or your agency) of each element. For more information, click the icon next to each box.

Staff training & mentoring:

Enhance the skills of your key account managers and directors by tapping into over 20 years of experiential expertise at our in-agency training module held each year in our London HQ.

Place a value on the below. And remember you don’t need to choose just one:

  • Sending a valued team member to receive hands-on training: courses run in January and July/August in the UK and are tailored to your needs
  • Attending a ½ day brand experience masterclass at the Mondrian London
  • Monthly webinars providing training on a selection of experiential modules
  • Explainer videos that offer practical advice on our tools, templates and operating systems
  • Access to our knowledge exchange portal where partners around the world share useful information

Pitch library:

Pitching is timely and costly. Does having access to 250 best-in-class presentations sound ideal? Not only will you save valuable resources, but you’ll also improve your chances of winning.

To help you put a figure on a value consider how muc an average pitch cost you, and how many pitches you take part in each year. Then consider what your win rate is. Our pitch archive means you'll save considerable time as you won't always need to start pitches from scratch. And with a win rate of 70%, our high-quality assets should improve your chances of winning too.

Business support:

Access templates for pitches, project management and client workshops designed to improve working practices and efficiencies. Get exclusive access to BEcause Founder and CEO Sharon Richey to get guidance and ensure your growth plan is on track.

Our comprehensive suite of assets means your team should never have to create a working document from scratch. Simply put, fewer people are needed to get more done. To keep it simple, take 50% of a mid level person’s salary and assume this is the minimum value you’ll get in return.

Marketing assets:

Our lead generation toolkit includes weekly brand experience enewsletters, eBooks, guides and a content-rich website designed to convert the right new clients. We also have 100+ of our own case studies covering a wide range of sectors.

Having the right tools to build your pipeline is essential, but it takes time and effort. Access to our marketing assets means you'll always have something of value to share with your prospects, making attracting and winning new business that little bit easier. To place a value on this, do a quick tally of time, money, and opportunity costs to market your brand in a compelling way.

A London hub and international agency network:

Positioning your agency as part of a global brand experience group will boost your profile. We offer access to our London hub and, as part of an international agency network, we can introduce you to affiliated agencies in 90+ countries worldwide.

Annual business planning and performance review:

Being busy means you may not always make time to define the goals/objectives for your agency and agree your growth strategies and actions. We'll provide assistance with business planning, budget setting, and help outline KPIs for your key people.


Value in first year

*excludes £10,000 initial joining fee

Incremental net profit:

From our current partner support in Australia, we know that we can grow your business and improve efficiencies considerably. Based on your estimated net profit for this financial year, the following figures provide a minimum expectation of incremental performance forecast based on becoming a BEcause partner.

Monthly cost of partnership

Annual cost of partnership


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