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    If you phoned me to say you have a free ticket for some weird thing, I’d be up for it!

    Pizza Shop Manager, 34, West Midlands

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  • I once went to 52 gigs in a year!

    Secondary School Teacher, male, 35, London

  • I get quite hooked onto things and like to try them out and then when another thing comes along I like to try that too.

    Welfare Rights Advisor, 33, Scotland

  • I can go and see something really dark and profound but at the same time I really love Legoland.

    Music Industry Manager, female, 36, London

  • I’m on my mobile all the time, heavily on Facebook but even more so on Instagram.

    Music Industry Manager, female, 36, London

  • Family and friends ALWAYS come to me to find out about stuff.

    Retail Supervisor, male, 34, London

  • If there is somebody that you know and trust, getting a recommendation really helps.

    Research Analyst, male, 39, South East

  • I tend to just put out there the really good things, the really exciting things... I really get my kicks helping people discover things.

    Music Industry Manager, female, 36, London

A research project into the shifting sphere of influence and the role of experience

As celebrities and Social Media megastars lose their power of persuasion,
this new report uncovers a rising star in the sphere of micro-influence,
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This research drills into the data to get a clear picture who 'The Experiencers' actually are and how they behave.

Our “Influence of Experience” report is based on new research amongst 1,000 UK consumers aged 18-40, looking at the connection between experience and influence.

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