Burger King x Pepsi brings you ‘X Marks the Drop’

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An AR-powered virtual hunt that adds local South African flavour IRL and virtually. 

For nearly a decade Burger King (BK) and Pepsi have set the benchmark for exclusive big-brand partnerships in SA. So, when we were asked to highlight and celebrate the partnership between these two legendary brands in a way that not only appealed to Gen Z, but that drove feet in store over the summer period, we knew we had to think outside the (Whopper) box.  

We wanted to show BK and Pepsi fans that their culinary collab extends beyond in-store meal combos, so ours couldn’t just be a traditional brand activation. For Gen Zers, personal expression is as important in real life as it is online. So, to celebrate the partnership between BKxPepsi, we’ve collaborated with local artist, African Ginger, and created a brand experience that bridges the physical and virtual. A journey that’s simple, rewarding, and drives people in store (and on occasion out of Burger King’s competitor’s doors).  

The idea? ‘X Marks the Drop’ – A Burger King x Pepsi AR-powered virtual hunt that’s giving fans the chance to win everything from free Whoppers and special meal deals, to exclusive limited-edition NFTs and an original African Ginger artwork worth $25 000. 

Seth Pimentel, A.K.A. African Ginger, is known for his unique illustrative style. He creates art with depth and meaning, often pushing boundaries by merging traditional and digital work into a hybrid of experimentation. His works for ‘X Marks the Drop’ are consistent with his style whilst still incorporating Burger King and Pepsi brand colours. 

To play, all you need is a phone. Visit BKxPepsi.co.za, use your camera AR for the best experience, and let the hunt begin. When a virtual token (styled to match our campaign key visual as a giant X) is found, just tap to collect it. Then, unlock the token to see the prize. It’s that simple. Xs have been dropped at Burger King stores all over SA, and (cheekily) in some other establishments where big burgers are the order of the day… Or you can drop one right in front of you wherever you are, even inside your own home. Go on, give it a go!*   

x marks the drop

Vouchers and prizes are stored in your BK Whopper Wallet, making it easy for anyone to redeem and enjoy at their nearest outlet. Oh, and the best part of all is that every play wins, upping the reward and positive brand sentiment across the board. 

Conceptualised by yours truly, we created the AR experience with our tech partner agency, Inner Reality. Then, with a media strategy and execution by Initiative Media, and a PR plan incorporating media and influencer relations from In-House Agency Services, we’ve launched a full 360 campaign that stretches across radio, online, social, outdoor (digital and traditional, along with some jaw-dropping wall murals) and in store – all driving people to BKxPepsi.co.za

With Gen Z’s love of gaming and all things digital, we’ve combined the fun and excitement of a virtual treasure hunt with the exclusivity factor of NFTs. By leveraging their passions, it helps create a brand experience that’s not only relevant, but rewards them for engaging every time they do so – proving the power of AR to reach and engage your audience, wherever they may be. 

*Prizes open to South African residents only.

If you want to know what’s cooking in the world of AR-led brand experiences, give us a shout. We’d love to collaborate and help turn up the heat with your next campaign.

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