Wish upon a shooting star with Coke’s live brand experience


Do you remember the child-like excitement of sitting outside for hours on end, trying to catch a glimpse of a shooting star?Through its magical ‘Wish in a Bottle’ brand experience, party-goers at a Coca-Cola Summer Love event recently had the opportunity to experience just that.

Coca Cola Wish Upon a Star

The event, which took place in Israel, saw unique bottles handed out to attendees. Once opened, a shooting star would seemingly be launched across the sky to the delight of fans.

With the help of drones, fireworks and the Internet of Things, the bottles’ special star-shaped transmitter would trigger a Wi-Fi signal to be sent to a drone, causing it to fly 1,000ft into the air.

Making the live brand experience even more incredible, the drones were programmed to launch a firework that would resemble a shooting star as soon as a signal was received from an opened bottle.

Coca Cola Wish Upon a Star

Encouraged to wish upon their shooting star, some lucky guests were surprised to see that their wishes had in fact come true, with one attendee being invited to DJ a set at a huge party that night.

Check out all the magic below:

Similar to the brand’s past experiential campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month, Coca-Cola used the power of its personalised packaging to engage with its audience, creating an imaginative and memorable brand experience that is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon.

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