What do you get when you combine human creativity with next-gen AI?


May we introduce our new work partner: Capture, a human-led, AI-powered content agency that’s truly remixed the production offering 

The DNA of the best advertisers and marketers, spliced with the lessons of our Because brain trust, and gifted with AI superpowers, may we introduce Capture, the new creative and production arm of the Because global agency.  

Capture content agency crafts showstopping visual content that tells compelling stories and captivates audiences, but with a difference. It’s USP combines innovative technology with in-house expertise and strategic partnerships with market-leading directors. “We’ve remixed the production offering, taking all the advantages of traditional film and photo techniques and upgrading them with digital tools like AI. Think of us as a gutsy challenger brand crafting confident, connected, wish-I’d-done-that, affordable content: exactly the opposite of the mass-churned sameness you’re seeing on your feeds.” says Chris Edwards, leader at the helm of the content agency. 

With a team of experienced photographers, videographers, and creatives, Capture offers a range of bespoke services for your needs. From concept development to post-production, it’s team is dedicated to creating content that smashes your expectations (and KPIs) out of the park. 

Here are the five reasons why Capture is a whole new creative animal when it comes to creating epic content:  

  1. They’ve embraced AI, our tireless work partner that never stops improving.  
    Your benefit: save time and money thanks to AI-driven productivity. 
    Here’s the thing, AI can’t do creativity, insightful strategy or high-level filming – that’s all up to our award-winning in-house talent. However, we love our AI work partner as it supercharges all our photography and video production – it just needs skilful prompting, an excellent eye and solid expertise, which Capture has plenty of. Need examples? In pre-shooting, AI can quickly analyse vast amounts of lighting, angles, and camera positioning data to suggest the best shooting angles. During shooting, it can help with real-time adjustments by tracking facial expressions and movements to ensure your subjects are always well-framed. And lastly, in post-shooting, AI can automate the process of sorting footage so we don’t spend hours manually tagging and organising assets, and it can be used in editing. However, it needs a human, who really knows how to direct natural, flash atmospheric and cinematic lighting to ensure ultimate success. The bottom line: it frees up our time to focus on your strategy and creativity, the qualities that will lift your campaign above a sea of beige, boring, generic marketing. The even better news? The more we use and feed our AI and the greater machine-learning becomes, the smarter and faster it will get (without costing you more money). 
  1. We craft tailored, fit-for-function content for all channels. 
    Your benefit: channel-specific content that converts. 
    We don’t do one-size-fits-all. We’ve got a proprietary production system that dials up the reach and impact of your content by tailoring it to each channel’s unique needs. For example, a video shot for Instagram may need to be shorter and more visually engaging, and the aspect ratio would be 9:16 for reels. In contrast, a video for YouTube may be longer and more informational and have an aspect ratio of 16:9. It’s an advanced type of content repurposing – it means you’ll get more content assets from fewer photo and video shoots.   
  1. We use global production to ramp up talent & visuals while cutting costs. 
    Your benefit: Access to worldwide talent and epic locations at lower local exchange rates. 
    The Because network spans the world, and we’ve got connections just about everywhere. One of our favourite production locations is South Africa. It’s shoehorned with spectacular locations and clever creatives – it’s why we’ve got an office there and so many ‘Saffers’ on our teams. The country offers easy access to breathtaking scenery and authentic, character-filled venues. The weather is excellent most of the year, so you get longer shoot days – especially compared to a UK winter, and the exchange rate is favourable, making it an affordable shoot destination. But don’t just take our word for it: there are plenty of global examples, from reality UK TV shows to luxury car brands and drama series using South Africa as a location.  
  1. We’re smaller and more nimble (and more ambitious).  
    Your benefit: a more agile and flexible creative partner. 
    Unlike bigger, overburdened agencies bound by red tape and corporate structures, Capture works fast – just like the markets you operate in. We are more responsive to changes in project scope, timeline or budget, and we can adapt to your needs immediately. Thanks to our global network of experts and partners, we can quickly scale up or down. Working with a smaller agency unlocks more personal attention, lower overheads, greater flexibility and closer collaboration – it’s just that simple. 
  1. We’ll introduce you to better product and AI-generated models. 
    Your benefit: Longer licences and bespoke creative. 
    With these kinds of generated creative, we can offer you extended image licences for a longer period. Lower costs, higher value: the type of maths everyone loves.  

Capture Agency is officially up and running, and we’re looking for smart clients that want to make big moves with bold content. Hit here to start talking, or here to visit the Capture website.  

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