WestJet’s epic desert light show experience


As experiential marketing has grown in popularity over recent years, some brands have emerged as being experts in the field – continuously creating impressive stunts that get consumers talking.

One brand that has impressed us time and time again is airline company WestJet, and their latest activation has firmly set this status in stone.

To celebrate turning 21, WestJet set out on a mission to create not only its biggest stunt yet, but to also break a Guinness World Record.WestJetVegasCampaign image 1.jpg

It targeted unsuspecting passengers flying from Toronto to Las Vegas. As they descended into the airport, they were presented with an extremely impressive surprise on the ground below.

By using clever infrastructure, computer programmes and LED lights, WestJet created the world’s biggest prize wheel, that stretched across a whole kilometre of Utah’s Mojave Desert.WestJetVegasCampaign PING image.jpg

The wheel could be seen flipping through each of the flight’s seat numbers, before eventually landing on number 4A. The lucky passenger in this seat was then given the prize of a VIP Las Vegas package.

Take a look for yourself here:

This activation from WestJet highlights that it’s a brand willing to go an extra mile (and a half) to provide memorable and magical experiences to its customers. The overwhelmed reactions that can be seen in the campaign’s video perfectly illustrate how such an act can prompt ongoing brand love.

By using modern technology in an incredibly creative way, WestJet managed to pull off something unique, that will no doubt be recognised on a global scale.

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