Warner Music NZ – A live pop-up for Teddy Swims

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Prior to his sell-out show at Spark Arena, Teddy Swims took to the streets of Auckland for a special cause – and Warner Music NZ tasked Because to produce it for them. 

Teddy Swims, known for his hit song “Lose Control,” announced on social media that he would be busking at Commercial Bay in Auckland, to raise funds and awareness for national charity Cure Kids NZ and Red Nose Day. 

To grab attention, he popped on a giant red nose, and shared on Warner Music NZ’s Instagram, “Yo. It’s Teddy Swims!” 

“So, this evening, Commercial Bay, I’m popping down, I’m gonna do a little busking. We’re gonna be raising money for Red Nose Day,” he said. He added, “So I hope to see you there and come sing a song or three with me and I love you.” 

“Can’t wait to hang,” he concluded. 

The artist, who gained popularity in New Zealand with his cover of Six60’s “Rivers” in 2019, began his performance at the central shopping precinct at 5.30 pm, offering some after-work entertainment for Aucklanders on their way home. 

Thousands of commuters stopped by for the pop-up gig and were delighted with Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters doing a surprise song during the performance.  

Red Nose Day, celebrated annually in July, encourages Kiwis to engage in fun and silly activities to raise awareness and funds for children battling cancer. The money raised supports children’s health by funding research into childhood cancers, infectious diseases, and adolescent mental health. 

Because secured the perfect venue, liaised with the charity, created all logistics, briefed production, and created a seamless on-the-ground experience – for the artist, the client, and the guests alike.  
We love working with our clients to surprise, delight and engage audiences – especially for a fabulous cause. 


The good news? You don’t need million-dollar budgets or celebrity cameos to craft marketing mastery.

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