VR delivers magical experience for Swiss children


As any parent will know, one of the greatest joys of children’s artistic creations is the pure imagination they bring to each and every one. Free from the restrictions of realism or practicality that might plague us adults, kids’ drawings can be beautiful and hilarious to observe.


In a very creative example of experiential marketing, Swiss real estate website Homegate.ch decided to use the magic of children’s artwork to bring home their marketing message in a powerful way.

The brand invited a group of youngsters between 6 and 10 years old to draw pictures of their dream house. The brand then picked the three most creative drawings and brought them to life in virtual reality.

Nine-year-old Ramon’s ideal house was a giant treehouse with a swing and giant sunflowers, whilst six-year-old Tabea dreamed of living in a pink fairy-tale castle. But the most original entry of all came from 10-year-old Emma, who fancied living in a giant strawberry complete with a slide directly from the bathroom. We like her style.


Homegate.ch then invited the kids to put on an Oculus Rift headset and explore their creations. Watch this video to see how the kids reacted to their virtual homes:

Much like the Dali Museum’s immersive VR experience, this simple campaign is a great example of how immersive VR technology can be used to grow a brand by offering a personalised and engaging experience to consumers.  

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