Volkswagen creates arcade-themed VR campaign


As consumer interest in virtual reality continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more big-name brands rolling out virtual experiences.

Volkswagen Australia is one of the latest brands to jump on the back of the trend with an interesting 360° video for the launch of its new Golf.VolkswagenGolfVR Image 1.jpg

Building on the car’s new advertising strapline ‘The future you’ve been waiting for’, the VR film takes viewers on an arcade-themed journey from a boy’s 80s retro bedroom to a drive-thru, Tron-style city.

Donning their VR headset, viewers find themselves sitting inside the new Golf, alongside an enthusiastic boy in the passenger seat pointing out the car’s best features.  Together they travel through an animated world, unlocking new ‘levels’, before finishing ‘in the future’.VolkswagenGolfVR Image 2.jpg

Although the young boy’s excitement is a little forced at times, the film does manage to showcase some of the car’s more advanced gadgetry in an immersive and sensory fashion, transporting consumers to a futuristic world and giving them a unique experience.

Virtual reality offers a world of imaginative opportunities for car brands, and Volkswagen is by no means the first to take advantage of the technology. Take a look at when Renault used VR in a prank stunt that seamlessly blended the virtual world with reality.

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