Tupac Shakur wows the crowd at Coachella


Tupac has returned! The iconic rapper, shot and murdered in 1996, has appeared on stage at the Coachella Festival.


A computer generated image of Tupac laid down some raps and interacted with Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre on stage.  The illusion was created by San Diego-based AV Concepts and is actually a variation of an old theatre technique from the 1860s.  The footage of the event is now spreading across the internet with the idea and execution being much applauded. The imagery is quite amazing and it’s a brilliant illusion.  What is particularly special is that the moving image of Tupac was not archive footage.  It was new digitally created imagery.  There has been talk online of what this means for future live performances.  Maybe we can expect packed arena tours from the likes of Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly or Kurt Cobain?  Furthermore, we hope it won’t be long before this technology comes off stage and becomes part of our experiential toolkit.

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