Tropicana’s sun illuminates Trafalgar Square


As part of Tropicana’s “Brighter Mornings” campaign a man-made sun rose in Trafalgar Square this morning at 6.51 am.


It was created by art collective Greyworld and certainly made an impact with those who were able to see the spectacle. It was also picked up very quickly by national news and we have to commend Tropicana on the incredibly quick turnaround of the below video.  It certainly seems like all channels by which to promote this campaign had been considered! The ball of light took six months to create and weighs over 2,500 kgs.  The light source produces 4-million lumens of light, according to Tropicana that is the equivalent of 60,000 light bulbs! 
This is the second outing for the giant artificial sun.  Last year Tropicana lit up Inuvik, one of Canada’s northernmost towns.  During the winter the sun never rises and it was quite a sight for the residents who glugged Tropicana whilst camera crews scampered about filming their reactions for a series of commercials.  

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