Tribord’s ‘worst drink in the world’ sampling campaign


Picture the scene: it’s a sunny day, you’re sitting by the harbour and a van rolls up offering you the chance to try a refreshing new drink that’s just been launched to the market.

You’d jump at the chance, right?

What if the new drink was actually made up of 100% seawater?Tribord

French water sports brand Tribord did just that, packaging up ‘the worst drink in the world’ and then handing it out to unknowing participants. It may seem like a cruel prank, but we see it as a great marketing campaign that brings home the importance of water safety.

With only one in three sailors wearing a life jacket, Tribord wanted to make a statement about the dangers the sea often poses while introducing their new buoyant vest. To do this, they ‘invented’ a canned beverage called Wave and cheekily handed it to passers-by at the seaside. The side of the packaging read “Make this your last taste of drowning” and featured an image of their Izeber50 life vest.

Needless to say that not one person enjoyed the taste of drowning. 


We love this watery activation that playfully stresses the importance of water safety while showing the potential dangers of not using a life jacket. You can watch all the excitement below:

Cue the spit-takes.

Experiential campaigns are often used to highlight the need for safety. Check out Nivea’s wearable protection ad which helps parents track their children’s whereabouts while on the beach.  

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