07-02-2022 | 3 min read

    ROARING 2022: Our 5 best Chinese New Year Campaigns

    This key marketing event offers plenty of brand lessons: here are the five campaigns that have earned their stripes on our list.

    18-06-2020 | 8 min read

    Could staycations be 2020’s big holiday trend?

    We interview Graham Turner, Social Media Lead of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, to find out.

    28-05-2020 | 7 min read

    Here's how marketing and smart technology can save your 2020 holiday

    Five innovative marketing tactics that can take holidaying to new heights.

    26-02-2020 | 1 min read

    Universal Orlando Resort creates creepy Mardi Gras-themed tribute store

    Defined by New Orleanians as the ‘Greatest Free Show on Earth’, Mardi Gras has spread its carnival spirit far and wide.

    13-02-2020 | 2 min read

    A First-class Airport Experience from Changi Airport Group

    Showcasing an airport that is the destination.

    08-01-2020 | 1 min read

    Booking.com offers epic travel experiences to suit every New Year’s resolution

    Decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? 

    16-10-2019 | 1 min read

    Premier Inn invites consumers to join the Pillow Fight Club

    Did you know that the ideal time to replace your pillow is every 1-2 years?

    01-10-2019 | 1 min read

    Howard Johnson takes New Yorkers on a Sweet Escape

    The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world.

    28-08-2019 | 1 min read

    Booking.com delights holiday makers with unforgettable sandcastle stay

    Holidays come in all shapes and sizes from adrenaline pumping adventures to relaxing beach holidays.

    17-07-2019 | 1 min read

    KLM calls for people to fly less with a disruptive campaign

    How much carbon dioxide do you think each passenger emits on board a London to New York return flight?

    09-07-2019 | 1 min read

    Travel agent brings the world closer together with ‘collective tattoo’ experience

    We live in divided times.

    26-06-2019 | 1 min read

    Trivial Pursuit Hotel allows you to pay for your stay with knowledge

    Board games have made a triumphant come back of late.

    11-06-2019 | 2 min read

    Uber offers once-in-a-lifetime Great Barrier Reef experience

    The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Human influence is slowly destroying it.

    11-06-2019 | 1 min read

    Visit Xbox invites gamers to travel and explore virtual worlds

    Travel adverts with their panoramic shots of vivid landscapes are incredibly persuasive.

    29-05-2019 | 1 min read

    Winter is here! Air New Zealand unveils epic Game of Thrones campaign

    The world waited with bated breath for the final episode of HBO’s much-loved Game of Thrones.

    14-05-2019 | 1 min read

    London calling! WestJet gives back to consumers with adventurous spirit

    The classic red telephone box has become a British icon, well-recognised throughout the world.

    05-02-2019 | 1 min read

    KLM combats airport boredom with Take-off Tips pop-up

    Airports can be boring.

    22-01-2019 | 1 min read

    AeroMexico surprises Americans with humorous DNA Discounts experience

    It’s said that everyone shares a common ancestor if you look back far enough.

    08-01-2019 | 2 min read

    Dream destinations determined by eye-tracking technology

    We may think we know what our dream holiday destinations are, but to what extent do we really know, and how truthful are we about where we want to travel?

    11-12-2018 | 1 min read

    WestJet unites the globe through festive traditions

    It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a moving and highly shareable campaign from WestJet.

    29-05-2018 | 2 min read

    Satisfying cross-country cravings: JetBlue takes pizza delivery to new heights

    New York New York; home to the bagel, the Rockefeller centre, Times Square, yellow cabs, cheesecake and of course, the famous slice of mouth-wateringly cheesy pizza.

    22-05-2018 | 2 min read

    Danish holiday makers delight in home weather experience

    For many of us what makes a hot, sunny holiday even better is knowing that the weather at home is grey, wet and miserable.

    27-02-2018 | 2 min read

    The world’s first ‘VR airline’ takes flight in Tokyo

    A big factor behind virtual reality’s huge surge in popularity in recent years has been the immersive technology’s ability to take users on previously-unimaginable journeys.

    02-01-2018 | 1 min read

    World’s first VR zoo looks to delight animal fans in China

    The wonderful world of virtual reality doesn’t stand still for a second – that’s for sure.

    12-12-2017 | 2 min read

    WestJet spreads Christmas cheer with 12 magical flights

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, spread some festive joy, and put smiles on faces with a heart-warming brand experience.

    07-11-2017 | 2 min read

    Airbnb partners with LEGO for brick-tacular competition

    Some things in life are better together.

    07-09-2017 | 1 min read

    Estonia says relax! Fun brand experience offers instant stress relief

    Modern life sure is stressful.

    16-08-2017 | 1 min read

    Bermuda calls in JetBlue’s surprising brand experience

    Modern life sure is busy. It’s a sad reality, but today’s pace is so fast that it’s all too easy to become oblivious to the world and people around us.

    10-08-2017 | 1 min read

    Bus shelters transformed into underwater experience

    Waiting for a form of public transport is certainly not the most enjoyable activity.

    12-07-2017 | 1 min read

    An enticing VR experience from Royal Caribbean

    Virtual reality technology has become one of the most exciting marketing platforms over recent years.

    18-05-2017 | 1 min read

    Thalys’ strong-smelling travel agency experience

    Strong scents can often be powerful enough to trigger feelings of nostalgia – we’ve all had times where a familiar smell instantly takes us back to a great moment in our lives.

    10-05-2017 | 1 min read

    WestJet’s epic desert light show experience

    As experiential marketing has grown in popularity over recent years, some brands have emerged as being experts in the field – continuously creating impressive stunts that get consumers talking.

    30-03-2017 | 1 min read

    Mexico Board of Tourism creates raining tequila experience

    We’re constantly bombarded by adverts trying to grab our attention, almost to the extent that we become immune to brand messages.

    30-03-2017 | 1 min read

    Davos Klosters transports shoppers to the slopes in VR experience

    There’s nothing better in life than a bright and sunny day. But for many cities across the globe these don’t come around very often, especially during the dark winter months.

    09-03-2017 | 1 min read

    EasyJet offers spontaneous travellers a trip to a surprise destination

    Wouldn’t it be great to be more spontaneous? To just turn up at an airport one day and buy a ticket for the next flight leaving?

    07-02-2017 | 1 min read

    JetBlue’s campaign delights commuters

    The daily commute is no fun task, especially during the winter months.

    05-01-2017 | 1 min read

    KLM’s activation unites worldwide strangers

    Airports are exciting. The final stage before jetting off to somewhere exotic and, often, new, you can almost feel the anticipation in the air.

    05-01-2017 | 1 min read

    An epic musical experience from Belize Tourism Board

    One of the biggest trends in experiential marketing in recent times has been the transformation of ordinary billboards into interactive, two-way brand experiences.

    14-12-2016 | 1 min read

    A touching Christmas activation from WestJet

    From a young age, most of us believed that Christmas was the time of year when miracles happen.

    14-09-2016 | 1 min read

    Tel Aviv City goes retro with giant experiential Tetris game

    Who doesn’t love a game of Tetris? The popular arcade game first made its mark way back in 1984 and now, over 30 years later, it still holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many.

    10-08-2016 | 1 min read

    Pikachu gets revenge in Pokémon Go prank

    There’s no escaping Pikachu right now.

    04-08-2016 | 1 min read

    Minnesota Tourism tours US with experiential pop-up

    With over 500 million monthly users and counting, Instagram is a force to be reckoned with.

    14-04-2016 | 1 min read

    Expedia takes children on dream virtual journey

    Imagine being confined to hospital for months at a time.

    09-03-2016 | 1 min read

    JetBlue passengers unite for US election experiential stunt

    The American presidential election is one of the most talked about topics right now, with people from all over the world weighing into the debate.

    18-02-2016 | 1 min read

    Experiential story-telling from Airbnb at Sundance Festival

    What’s the first thing you do when you meet up with friends after returning from a holiday? You tell them all about it!

    28-01-2016 | 2 min read

    Drones deliver breath-taking brand experience for skiers

    Whether you’re amateur or expert, young or old, there are few feelings in life quite as exhilarating as that which comes from skiing down a snowy mountain.

    21-01-2016 | 1 min read

    Experiential stunt brings NYC to Norway

    If we asked you to describe your commute to work in one word, what would you say?

    03-12-2015 | 1 min read

    JetBlue pulls off daring NYC brand experience

    Imagine what the world would be like if you were not only allowed, but also encouraged, to steal and deface public property.

    18-09-2015 | 1 min read

    Cats central to digital promotion of Japanese city

    Ever wondered what it would be like to see the world through a cat’s eyes?

    11-06-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Thalys’ Sounds of the City

    International high-speed train operator Thalys was on a mission to encourage people to use the train to explore their nearby cities.

    10-04-2015 | 1 min read

    Airbnb continues ‘A night in…’ series

    Airbnb is on fire! No, not literally, don’t be alarmed. But when it comes to their experiential activity, the brand really is on top of its game recently.

    25-03-2015 | 1 min read

    An overnight stay in a cable car with Airbnb

    It’s not a location that would usually scream ‘cosy place to sleep for the night’, but this cable car sure does have a good view.  

    05-03-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Snowstorm challenge for skiers

    We love a good challenge. And this week we stumbled across this fun one from ski resort Mont Sainte-Anne & Stoneham.

    27-02-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Air France’s upgrade challenge

    Waiting around in an airport can be a bit of a yawn-inducing affair. But Air France made sure that wasn’t the case with its mobile-based upgrade challenge game.

    22-01-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Kulula’s motorised beds and baths

    South Africa’s no-frills airline, Kulula, came up with a fun way of promoting its no-fuss online check-in service…

    03-12-2014 | 1 min read

    Cuban taxi surprise from Transat Holidays

    Despite the urge to scream ‘eyes on the road!’ to the ever-so care-free driver, we absolutely loved this campaign from Transat Holidays.

    20-11-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: KLM aeroplane to rent on Airbnb

    A spacious aeroplane apartment is up for grabs on Airbnb this week. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong.

    10-10-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Icelandair stopover experience

    To evoke feelings of wanderlust for Iceland and to promote its unique stopover experience, international airline Icelandair granted a lucky passenger a 48-hour trip.

    12-09-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: KLM’s live high five

    What if you were in Amsterdam and you could high five someone in New York?

    29-08-2014 | 1 min read

    Turkish Airlines’ tram full of basketballs

    As a nice way of celebrating its sponsorship of Euroleague Basketball, Turkish Airlines got people talking using a tram full of basketballs.

    15-08-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: JetBlue Mint Room flying experience

    JetBlue Airways got people talking about its new premium front-of-the-cabin service “Mint” with this on-the-ground brand experience in Los Angeles.

    24-07-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: New Orleans tourism’s food truck

    New Orleans Tourism got people talking about ‘The Big Easy’ with this food truck experiential campaign in Texas.

    08-05-2014 | 1 min read

    Voyages-SNCF’s larger than life billboards

    Following in the footsteps of its parent company SNCF, Voyages-SNCF.com recently used experiential marketing to get people talking about its newly launched online deal.

    15-01-2014 | 1 min read

    Giant Jamaican stress ball turns heads in Times Square

    Have you lost that holiday feeling?   As January marches on this nice experiential campaign in New York caught our eye this week.

    11-12-2013 |

    WestJet’s Christmas miracle

    And the prize for the most elaborate Christmas stunt goes to…WestJet, the Canadian airline that went out of its way to deliver a Christmas miracle to passengers.

    22-11-2013 | 1 min read

    British Airways invites people to #lookup

    Joss Davidge, managing partner here at Because, continues his weekly quest for great marketing ideas.

    16-10-2013 |

    A tour of Melbourne with a remote control tourist

    Earlier in the year we looked at San Pellegrino’s robotic tourist that allowed people to wheel their way round Sicilian streets, imagine the sun on their face and interact with locals.

    05-07-2013 | 1 min read

    Mile high park bench service in Manhattan

    Virgin Atlantic has neatly leapt onto the stunt marketing bandwagon with this fun activation in Manhattan. 

    10-01-2013 |

    An icy experience

    In January every year thousands of tourists flock to this extraordinary ice and snow festival in China. 

    06-09-2012 |

    Kinetic rain in Singapore airport

    We love this beautiful installation in Singapore airport. "Kinetic Rain" consists of 1,216 bronze droplets attached to wires.

    24-08-2012 |

    SNCF ambient campaign drops oversized rubbish

    To try and stop travelers from throwing chewing gum or cigarettes on the floor, outside Gare de Marseille train station, SNCF commissioned these two temporary sculptures. 

    10-02-2012 |

    Multimedia tours turn New York into a living stage

    Calling itself "the hottest new attraction in New York city" experience tour bus The Ride offers tourists a novel way to see the sights.

    25-03-2011 |

    Voyages 'Escape Machine' brand experience in Paris

    This is one of the coolest brand experiences we've seen in a while!  Check out the video to see the fun 'Escape Machine' experience created by SNCF.