Intel drones break the world record at the Winter Olympics

    The Olympics opening ceremony always promises to be a show-stopping extravaganza of lights, music and entertainment to kick-start the tournament in style.


    Hyundai’s chatty school bus experience gets kids talking

    Bus journeys sure can be a drag.


    WWF creates light switch challenge experience

    Admit it: we are all guilty of forgetting to carry out basic tasks every now and then.


    BMW's experiential campaign uses impressive projection mapping

    BMW is known worldwide for innovative and luxury cars. So, when the automotive brand wanted to promote its 7-series model, it was pretty easy to predict that it would do so in impressive fashion.


    A high-flying experiential giveaway from North Face

    Outdoor clothing brand North Face love to create particularly adventurous experiential stunts that represent the brands ethos, create fun for consumers and get people talking about it.


    North Face’s South Pole virtual reality brand experience

    Can you imagine what it would feel like to camp in the South Pole?


    Great Experiential Marketing: Reebok’s subway pump battle

    Part of a global campaign for the new ZPump Fusion trainers, Reebok orchestrated an exercise-themed stunt in a Korean subway, the Subway Pump Battle.


    Experiential marketing for food brands – 6 tasty examples

    Experiential marketing and food brands are a match made in heaven.


    Chilsung Cider’s magical wish vending machine

    South Korea’s beverage manufacturer Lotte Chilsung got people jumping for…well, soda, in this quirky experiential marketing activation.


    The North Face ‘Never Stop Exploring’ changing rooms experience

    Adventure brand The North Face stayed true to its ethos ‘Never Stop Exploring’ by transforming its changing rooms into a real life Arctic challenge.


    Handmade joy from Cadbury

    Although we can’t say we agree with the idea that ‘we used to put thoughts into words, but we don’t anymore’ the thought behind this campaign from Cadbury is definitely worth sharing.


    Augmented spaces with 3D UV thread

    Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi has created an extraordinary installation out of thread and UV light. 


    Terrifying experience in a lift from LG

    To get people talking, brands have to do something remarkable. This is why the promotion of LG’s new IPS monitors caught our attention.


    Hyundai - Real life pixels

    Hyundai caused quite a stir when it revealed an animatronic wall, dubbed the Hyper-Matrix, at the 2012 Yeosu Expo. 


    Specsavers ad team are on the ball

    Have you seen this great response to the Korean flag mix up from Specsavers?