Because we think these giant picnic benches are great! 

    It’s not too cold to talk about picnics, right? Because we think these giant picnic benches are great! 


    The pulse of the city

    Experiential marketing involves imaginative thinking in order to create connections with people and get them talking.


    Scribe living billboard in Mexico city

    Over the course of 10 days Scribe, the Mexican equivalent of the much loved Moleskine notebooks, created an interactive live action billboard high above the streets of Mexico City.


    A rubbish piece of street art

    Artistic vision is something we’re always appreciative of.  Sometimes it crops up in the most unexpected places.


    Australian census – Run that town

    Here is a fantastic example of how important, yet indigestible data, can be transformed into something we can all understand and relate to through gamification and infographics.


    Depth sensitive interactive wall

    We love this very cool interactive installation that allows users to play with sound using a surface sensitive to depth. 


    Innovative ways to bounce from A to B

    There is no brand attached to this but we just love the idea! 


    The Marketoonist's take on “Chairs are like Facebook”

    This cartoon from the Marketoonist made us chuckle this week.


    Roy the Redeemer on the White Cliffs of Dover

    Anxious England fans, awaiting the team's opening European Football Championship game, were treated to a great stunt by Paddy Power.  


    The speed of light - tiny projection mapping!

    OK this isn't a big brand marketing campaign but it shows how by doing something fun and well-executed you can get you noticed - whatever the scale! 


    Adult only sampling machine dishes out indulgent treats

    Here at Because we think that good conversation is very important, giving brands a voice and getting the right people talking is key. 


    The Garage Sale Trail Wins at International Green Awards

    Republic of Everyone, an Australian sustainable strategy company, has received an International Green Award in the advertising and PR category for its work on The Garage Sale Trail.