Nissan’s Oculus Rift rollerblading experience

    Nissan showed off the features of the almighty Nissan Juke whilst exploring the possibilities of Oculus Rift with its Chase The Thrill virtual experience.


    World’s largest game of Pacman promotes game release

    Japanese game maker Namco-Bandai and Channel 5’s The Gadget Show teamed up this week to create the world’s largest game of Pacman.


    Penguins lead the way in augmented marketing stunt

    The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo wanted to increase its visitor numbers, but was having a hard time convincing people to travel out of the centre and away from all the other bustling attractions in Tokyo.


    Tokyo city symphony

    This is the world’s smallest example of 3D projection mapping.


    Run like me - Nike Japan

    Nike Japan came up with this novel, but bang on message campaign to promote its new Lunaglide+ 4 trainers. 


    Boutique tryvertising store opens in The Netherlands

    Over the last few years springwise.com has traced the emergence of a way to engage consumers with products before they hit the shelves.


    Interactive touchscreen vending machines from Japan!

    The Japanese are always one step ahead when it comes to anything technical, so it's no surprise they've invented the interactive vending machine!