Japanese drivers take a break at the Hotel Highway

    Drowsy driving is a big issue in Japan – it’s actually the cause of half of all highway accidents.


    The world’s first ‘VR airline’ takes flight in Tokyo

    A big factor behind virtual reality’s huge surge in popularity in recent years has been the immersive technology’s ability to take users on previously-unimaginable journeys.


    Jaguar ups the pace with unique ‘Musicdrome’ to launch first SUV

    For iconic brands, there is increased expectation for launch campaigns to offer something distinctly special that draws admiration and awe from around the world.


    A shocking in-store experience from Megamax

    Experiential marketing is a great way to stop people in their tracks and make them listen.


    Daimaru creates blooming magical experience

    Despite living in a world full of impressive and advanced technology, it’s still often the little things in life that bring us the most joy.


    Audi experiential campaign is a perfect fit

    Size matters to Japanese consumers.


    Elan’s experiential taste test needs no translation

    You like sushi, right? Of course you do. Now think about the most delicious sushi you’ve ever tasted.


    Cats central to digital promotion of Japanese city

    Ever wondered what it would be like to see the world through a cat’s eyes?


    Ainz & Tulpe brand experience transcends language

    Shopping in a foreign country can sometimes be a pretty tall task – but it’s especially challenging in Japan, where only 3% of natives speak another language.  


    Great Experiential Marketing: Lay’s human claw grabber machine

    This beauty of a live brand activation from Lay’s emerged this month, and it’s got everybody talking.


    An extreme pizza delivery from Nissan

    Joss Davidge’s experiential highlight of the week is this extreme experiential activation from Nissan with Japanese pizza chain PIZZA-LA.


    Great Experiential Marketing: DENTISTE’s kissing silhouette booth

    Toothpaste brand Dentiste concluded that Japanese folk tend to be a tad shy about expressing their feelings.