Making a splash: Desperados throws ultimate party in the world’s deepest pool

    The most weird and wonderful events are the ones that get the most attention and earn that all-important standout. And the venue is a key part of that.


    The North Face reward the adventurous with the Pinnacle Project

    Pop-up shops and stands are an effective way to build brand love and awareness.


    Get off the sofa! Game of Thrones’ mobile binge-watching experience

     A TV marathon, for most of us, means slobbing out on the sofa eating junk food, right?


    Sammontan’s educational global warming experience

    We love the imaginative minds of children.


    Nescafé gets strangers talking in amusing experience

    It’s becoming increasingly hard to make new friends face-to-face, thanks to the sad reality that many of us spend much of our days with our heads engrossed in the screens of our trusty smartphone.


    E.ON tricks the public in ice-cold experience

    Experiential marketing can have many different aims; to promote a new product, raise awareness of an important issue, or to generate a buzz around a brand.


    Monopoly stages amusing experiential property prank

    For many of us, a game of Monopoly was the first time in our lives where we encountered money in any real sense.


    GNV’s experiential ads are buried treasure

    Summer’s almost here! And we’re not the only ones that are excited about that prospect.


    Nescafe’s experiential pop-up unites neighbours

    Everybody needs good neighbours.


    Heineken experiential stunt pranks football super-fan

    Heineken, master of the experiential, has caught our attention again with another creative stunt.


    The Walking Dead’s zombies at the bus stop

    To promote the new series to its Austrian fans, The Walking Dead took to scaring the living daylights out of people, again…


    Giving the holiday from hell experience in the airport

    Don’t worry, even though this is an experiential stunt for Yovis Viaggio, a brand of traveller’s diarrhoea medicine, this video is totally safe to view at work!