ING-DiBa: Smartphone basketball

    To bring the "effectiveness and simplicity" of its direct banking to the attention of 20 somethings at basketball events across Germany. 


    The Evoc indestructible billboard

    Evoc is a German outdoor sports brand that has developed a shock absorbent backpack that could help prevent spinal injuries.


    Great test drive game for new Smart car

    To promote the new generation of Smart cars, at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, Daimler created a giant version of the classic computer game "Pong". 


    Mercedes Benz tweets parking spaces

    Mercedes Benz took its "Park Assist" feature to the streets with this interesting campaign.


    Berlin ambient campaign goes global

    The Copy Shop simply and effectively showed what it could do by copying various items found on the street. Including ticket machines, sweet dispensers and even an entire shop front.