How crushed film sets can change little lives for good.

A first-of-its-kind, sustainably-built Early Childhood and Development (ECD) centre for underprivileged children in Delft, Cape Town.


Meet Isobel Adamson, our new Account Exec & Events Co-ordinator.

Event maestro. Kitchen master. Super op-shopper. Future surfing pro. Isobel is bringing big talent and an even bigger heart for team Because, and we couldn’t be happier.


Meet Megan Rogers, our new(-ish) Senior Account Manager.

Megan is a renaissance woman: she’s a talented painter, fearless adventurer and creative magic-maker. This Because legend has crossed from the UK to down under to spread more marketing love.


Meet Stephanie Nguyen-Huynh, our new Account Manager.

Make-up artist. Restaurant hunter. Raver. Baker. Poker player. Boulderer. Is there no end to her talents? Thankfully, our team is going to reap all the benefits.


Meet Monica Postle, our new Account Manager.

Trendsetting traveller. Music concert maestro. Beach bum. And last, but not least: rockstar marketer. Meet Monica, team Because’s latest legend.


Impress more by working less.

Our Associate Creative Director’s attempt at transcending the average 8-hour workday, to the 4.5-hour DEEP PRODUCTIVE workday.


Because help Sydney Water get drastic with plastic

The Because Australia team helped Sydney Water reduce plastic waste at the Beat the Bottle river clean up event at Hurlestone Park, Sydney.