Meet Jessy, our new Business Director

Meet Jessy, our new Business Director. If she isn't whipping up a new recipe, Jessy can be found mushroom foraging or dreaming up her next travel adventure.


Meet Stefanie, our new Group Account Director

Meet Stefanie, our new marketing maven known for epic launch events and her love of bubbles. As a Group Account Director, she juggles work with binge-watching series, running, and attending the occasional festival.


Meet Luke, our new Account Executive

Meet Luke, our lively new Account Executive! Inspired by Jurgen Klopp, he brings charisma and resilience. Luke loves Netflix, Espresso Martinis, and adventures like golf and sea swims. Welcome aboard, Luke!


Meet Junade, our new Business Services Manager

Dedication and authenticity are two attributes that the lovely Junade absolutely embodies. With a lust for travel, a passion for singing and a genuine warmth that radiates from her, she brings a unique kind of energy to our team that is most certainly felt. Please welcome Junade, our new Because superstar!


Meet Lizelle, our new Group Account Director

With a knack for turning campaigns into masterpieces and a zest for life, Lizelle adds her creative touch to our team and she's a force to be reckoned with.


Matt Peek joins the Because family as Group Account Director

Smarts and heart, our newest recruit has them both in spades, and we’re thrilled team Because gets to benefit from them.


Meet AJ Nair, our new Senior Account Executive

Multitalented muso. Dumpling connoisseur. Gelato guru. AJ has a diverse set of skills that are as sharp as his one-liners. Here’s the inside track on our new resident rockstar.


Meet Anna-Lena Hagen, our new Senior Account Manager

Event maestro. Kitchen master. Super op-shopper. Future surfing pro. Isobel is bringing big talent and an even bigger heart for team Because, and we couldn’t be happier.


Meet Stephan Million, our new Account Executive

Football fundi. Skilled skater. Passionate painter. Cool comedian. Stephan is a talented transfer to our creative roster. Here’s some more info on our newest teammate.