20-11-2019 | 1 min read

    Tim Hortons teams up with Ice Hockey stars to warm hearts

    Whether it was an egg-and-spoon race on sports day or a muddy cross-country run, we all have mixed memories of sport in our youth.

    14-05-2019 | 1 min read

    London calling! WestJet gives back to consumers with adventurous spirit

    The classic red telephone box has become a British icon, well-recognised throughout the world.

    11-12-2018 | 1 min read

    WestJet unites the globe through festive traditions

    It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a moving and highly shareable campaign from WestJet.

    20-11-2018 | 1 min read

    SAAQ targets reckless road crossing with shocking billboard stunt

    We’re all told to take care when crossing the road from as soon as we’re first able to walk.

    23-10-2018 | 1 min read

    Tim Hortons gives Kenyan ice hockey team the trip of a lifetime

    There’s only one ice hockey team in Kenya. And that’s hardly surprising.

    16-10-2018 | 1 min read

    Hellmann’s stuns stadium visitors with emotive food waste experience

    Food waste is a massive global problem. Perfectly safe, edible food that could be feeding those in need, is being wasted.

    21-08-2018 | 1 min read

    McDonald’s ‘friestream’ activation has fans shouting from the mountain tops

    French fries come with nearly every McDonald’s meal.

    06-02-2018 | 1 min read

    Ouch! Farnham Ale & Lager’s experiential stunt is very bitter

    Sports fans can sure be emotional.

    12-12-2017 | 2 min read

    WestJet spreads Christmas cheer with 12 magical flights

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, spread some festive joy, and put smiles on faces with a heart-warming brand experience.

    28-11-2017 | 1 min read

    Sports Experts encourages commuters to sweat more and get more

    It’s a common dilemma; you’re exiting the train station – do you jump on the escalator or work off your lunch and climb the stairs?

    26-07-2017 | 1 min read

    Fido’s experience asks ‘Who Am I? for Pride

    It’s good to talk, but there are definitely some conversations – and questions – we would all avoid if we could.

    12-07-2017 | 1 min read

    The Salvation Army creates poverty tour experience

    How often do you stop and take a second to think about the battles people around you could be facing?

    21-06-2017 | 1 min read

    IKEA takes meatballs on tour with pop-up café

    IKEA has to be one of the most divisive brand experiences out there today.

    10-05-2017 | 1 min read

    WestJet’s epic desert light show experience

    As experiential marketing has grown in popularity over recent years, some brands have emerged as being experts in the field – continuously creating impressive stunts that get consumers talking.

    05-01-2017 | 1 min read

    An epic musical experience from Belize Tourism Board

    One of the biggest trends in experiential marketing in recent times has been the transformation of ordinary billboards into interactive, two-way brand experiences.

    14-12-2016 | 1 min read

    A touching Christmas activation from WestJet

    From a young age, most of us believed that Christmas was the time of year when miracles happen.

    14-09-2016 | 1 min read

    Sweat it out for Gatorade’s experiential vending machine

    Branded vending machines have the potential to be experiential marketing gold.

    03-03-2016 | 1 min read

    Scream-activated experiential vending machine

    We all need to let off a bit of steam every once in a while. Whether it’s the stress of work, family or that frustrating commute, it’s good to let it all out now and again.

    28-09-2015 | 1 min read

    A&W delights with floating brand experience

    Live brand experiences provide the chance to bring your products straight to your customers.

    09-07-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: #DoYouSpoon?

    To introduce its delicious new spread, Reese’s set up a ‘talking’ vending machine in Toronto’s West End where spooning was the only accepted currency!

    21-05-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Tim Horton’s levitation stunt

    Tim Horton’s customers were given quite the fright when a fellow customer appeared to be levitating from her chair in a restaurant in Quebec.

    05-03-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Snowstorm challenge for skiers

    We love a good challenge. And this week we stumbled across this fun one from ski resort Mont Sainte-Anne & Stoneham.

    14-01-2015 | 1 min read

    Automotive insurance of Quebec’s walking coffin

    “Against a car, a pedestrian has no chance”.  Here’s a hard-hitting live stunt from Automotive Insurance of Quebec…

    15-10-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Interactive Pictionary ad

    Creators of Pictionary, Mattel, turned an average day at the shopping mall into a day full of surprises for these shoppers in Canada.

    26-09-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Kobo’s pool party

    eBook provider Kobo made quite the splash about its new waterproof model with a pool party.

    03-09-2014 | 1 min read

    Bissell Canada’s subway platform stunt

    Bissell Canada, experts in home cleaning, wiped the floor clean with other vacuum brands with this highly memorable stunt.

    13-03-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Duracell moments of warmth

    ‘Duracell Moments of Warmth’ is a ‘powerful’ campaign putting the spark back into human connections.

    11-12-2013 |

    WestJet’s Christmas miracle

    And the prize for the most elaborate Christmas stunt goes to…WestJet, the Canadian airline that went out of its way to deliver a Christmas miracle to passengers.

    06-12-2013 |

    An interactive cinema experience from Mazda

    We think this idea from Mazda is great, bringing the all-new 2014 Mazda3 to life for a cinema audience through an interactive test drive challenge. 

    26-11-2013 |

    McDonald’s Dollar Drink Day – special delivery

    We know it’s chilly out there, but this video of McDonald’s summer ‘Dollar Drink Day’ activation in Canada has just been released and we think it’s worth a watch.

    20-09-2013 |

    The living piano in Toronto

    In a bid to encourage people to ‘discover opera’, the Festival d’Opera de Quebec created an interactive experience that gathered crowds in Toronto.

    18-07-2013 |

    Walking waxing stunt ‘So good, it hurts’

    The Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto tore a strip off its competitors with this novel street-based promotion. 

    05-07-2013 |

    Unlocking a Canadian experience

    Beer brand Molson Canadian placed bright red fridges in locations across Europe, which were fully-stocked with bottles of beer.

    29-05-2013 |

    Experiencing Volkswagen’s 4Motion first hand

    Volkswagen Canada kept things simple with this nice little stunt designed to show the capabilities of the Touareg’s 4Motion technology. 

    26-10-2012 |

    Encouraging museum visits

    We love these interactive ads that were placed around Vancouver to encourage people to visit Science World. This shows how repetitive messaging stands out.

    18-10-2012 |

    Musical swings experience in Montreal

    A interactive installation designed to get people to collaborate has recently appeared in Montreal. 

    12-10-2012 |

    Audi Quattro Scalextric experience

    In order to connect with young businessmen Audi Canada ran this great campaign.  

    27-04-2012 |

    Volkswagen ambient campaign transformed by social media.

    As an extension to the "light painting" adverts that were aired on Canadian TV earlier in the year, Volkswagen launched "Art Heist", an ambient campaign that has also driven conversation online.