Coca-Cola’s campaign excites dehydrated beachgoers

    On a hot day at the beach, there’s truly nothing better than the feeling of an ice-cold drink.


    Volkswagen creates striking bowling experience

    We’ve been talking a lot recently about how brands don’t just use experiential techniques to create a buzz, but also to make an audience stop and listen to an important message.


    Red Bull experience turns payphones into smartphones

    We are often so caught up in the advances of new technology, we forget some of the inventions that started it all.


    Because does Rio 2016 Summer Olympics - day 10

    We’re already more than halfway through the 2016 Rio Olympics and it's been go, go, go - both for the athletes and for us.


    Coral inspires kids with colourful brand experience

    The summer season of sport has well and truly kicked off.


    KitKat tests students in laughter-filled experiential stunt

    Most people will know that holding in laughter can be surprisingly difficult sometimes.


    Killer experiential billboard fights Zika virus

    Declared a global health emergency in February, the Zika virus is one of the most serious health epidemics facing the world this year.


    Sprite’s refreshing Generation Z brand experience

    How do you begin to engage with Generation Z?


    Beer cooler blocks smartphone signals

    There has been lots of talk recently in the press and among friends about our increasing addiction to smartphones. 


    Great Experiential Marketing: C&A’s Fashion Lock

    To celebrate the launch of its collection signed by Calvin Klein’s designer Francisco Costa, fashion retailer C&A pulled off this nice social media experiential campaign in Brazil. 


    Great Experiential Marketing: NIVEA’s wearable protection ad

    NIVEA really got people talking in Brazil this month by launching a wearable technology bracelet that will help parents track their children’s whereabouts on the beach.


    National Geographic’s terrifying escalator ad

    “Ready for an adventure through the Brazilian forests?”