This immersive experience lets you step inside your favourite TV shows

    Have you lost time scrolling through streaming services, watching the trailers of countless films and series?


    Nissan Benelux targets dumb parking with humorous stunt

    Some people park like idiots.


    Thalys’ strong-smelling travel agency experience

    Strong scents can often be powerful enough to trigger feelings of nostalgia – we’ve all had times where a familiar smell instantly takes us back to a great moment in our lives.


    BMW's experiential campaign uses impressive projection mapping

    BMW is known worldwide for innovative and luxury cars. So, when the automotive brand wanted to promote its 7-series model, it was pretty easy to predict that it would do so in impressive fashion.


    A car-stopping experience from BMW

    Experiential marketing has proven, time and again, its ability to enhance brand loyalty and drive sales.


    Burger chain Quick creates comical billboard experience

    Experiential marketing is a great way to get people talking.


    Organ Donor Foundation’s touching live brand experience

    Imagine waiting in the blistering cold for the release of a gadget that you’ve been coveting for many months.


    Record Bank’s simple brand experience

    A meeting with a bank manager can be a stressful experience at the best of times.


    Mini and Jeep get fans to check-in

    At the Brussels Auto Show, which runs until the 22nd of this month, Mini has created a stunt designed to encourage online engagement with the Countryman in a real-life setting.


    Belgians transported to London in Beefeater campaign

    Joss Davidge, our Managing Partner, is always on the lookout for the best experiential marketing campaigns.


    Ray-Ban transforms journeys with tinted windows

    Ray-Ban invited Belgium travellers to “test drive” its new range of polarised colour lenses by transforming the windows of trams across the cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels with colour filters.


    A free ride home – socially responsible experiences

    We've seen a couple of nice campaigns recently that encourage people to stay off the road when they have had a drink.