20-02-2020 | 1 min read

    Mini Electric Lights Up Lisbon

    While the jury is still out on the future of driverless cars, the growth in demand for electric cars continues to climb.  

    08-01-2020 | 1 min read

    Volkswagen creates touching tribute for VW Beetle

    If the Fifties were in black and white, then the Sixties were in Technicolor. 

    18-12-2019 | 1 min read

    Hyundai Australia creates quirky 4-second ads you won’t forget

    Do you ever feel like our attention spans are getting shorter?

    27-11-2019 | 1 min read

    Land Rover creates 4XFAR festival to promote new Defender SUV

    Brands have long known the power of festivals for connecting with a millennial audience.

    19-02-2019 | 1 min read

    Porsche delights fans with the Cayenne Model Wall

    Sports cars maybe fast, sleek and highly desirable, yet with limited passenger space and a high price tag, they are an impractical dream for most people.

    27-11-2018 | 1 min read

    The Grinch steals Honda’s holiday campaign with clever takeover

    The Grinch hates Christmas. He finds festive merriment utterly disturbing.

    13-11-2018 | 1 min read

    Payment in plastic: Hyundai’s Eco-Parking tackles ocean pollution

    Plastic pollution has reached alarming levels.

    09-10-2018 | 1 min read

    Nissan Benelux targets dumb parking with humorous stunt

    Some people park like idiots.

    12-06-2018 | 1 min read

    Audi Ireland’s interactive AR demo is a world first

    Highly-creative and engaging, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology lends itself brilliantly to car manufacturers.

    05-12-2017 | 1 min read

    Star Wars AR app experience lights up Nissan car dealerships

    The Force is strong with Nissan.

    19-10-2017 | 1 min read

    Jaguar ups the pace with unique ‘Musicdrome’ to launch first SUV

    For iconic brands, there is increased expectation for launch campaigns to offer something distinctly special that draws admiration and awe from around the world.

    21-09-2017 | 1 min read

    Skoda stunt takes car safety to brave new heights

    Czech car manufacturer Skoda had a big challenge on its hands: how to get people talking about its innovative new road safety feature, while attracting the attention of a younger audience at the same time.

    13-09-2017 | 1 min read

    Hyundai’s chatty school bus experience gets kids talking

    Bus journeys sure can be a drag.

    10-08-2017 | 1 min read

    Volkswagen creates arcade-themed VR campaign

    As consumer interest in virtual reality continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more big-name brands rolling out virtual experiences.

    01-06-2017 | 1 min read

    BMW’s high-speed pitch experience

    Getting straight to the point can often be the best way to get a message across – both in marketing and day to day situations.

    15-03-2017 | 1 min read

    Renault creates impressive VR prank campaign

    There aren’t many people that would turn down the chance to try an exciting virtual reality experience for themselves, given the opportunity.

    02-02-2017 | 1 min read

    Ford’s entertaining store experience

    There’s always time for fun. Always. And yes, time for a quick laugh is even possible to find amidst the hustle and bustle of New York’s Westfield World Trade Center shopping mall.

    02-02-2017 | 1 min read

    BMW's experiential campaign uses impressive projection mapping

    BMW is known worldwide for innovative and luxury cars. So, when the automotive brand wanted to promote its 7-series model, it was pretty easy to predict that it would do so in impressive fashion.

    08-12-2016 | 1 min read

    Volkswagen creates striking bowling experience

    We’ve been talking a lot recently about how brands don’t just use experiential techniques to create a buzz, but also to make an audience stop and listen to an important message.

    01-12-2016 | 1 min read

    A car-stopping experience from BMW

    Experiential marketing has proven, time and again, its ability to enhance brand loyalty and drive sales.

    19-10-2016 | 1 min read

    GMC creates unique billboard experience

    Let’s be honest: most of us pay very little attention to billboards.

    04-08-2016 | 1 min read

    Cadillac creates immersive VR experience

    Experiential has been a popular marketing platform for automotive brands for many years.

    13-07-2016 | 1 min read

    Jaguar’s VR experience pranks petrol heads

    Virtual reality is currently one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketing industry.

    07-04-2016 | 1 min read

    Toyota’s experiential stunt scales new heights in NYC

    New York City’s Times Square has been a dream location for advertisers for many, many years.

    07-04-2016 | 1 min read

    Audi experiential campaign is a perfect fit

    Size matters to Japanese consumers.

    31-03-2016 | 1 min read

    Smart’s truthful experiential test-drive

    If you were challenged to take a lie detector test in front of your mother, would you be brave enough to answer every question truthfully?

    14-01-2016 | 1 min read

    Football fun with Nissan brand experience

    Imagine a world where you no longer need to actually drive your car – instead, you can just climb in and let it do all the hard work for you.

    10-12-2015 | 1 min read

    Avis brand experience remembers the elderly

    The cold winter months can be tough. The short, dark days. The bitter cold.

    22-10-2015 | 1 min read

    An ‘uncrashable’ brand experience from Mercedes-Benz

    Kids love crashing toy cars. It’s a well-known fact of life.

    16-10-2015 | 1 min read

    Castrol delights truckers with experiential loyalty scheme

    Being a truck driver can be a solitary experience.

    28-09-2015 | 1 min read

    Smart car’s experiential parking stunt

    Parallel parking is never fun. It’s the one task that fills many drivers with dread, especially when guessing the size of an available space.

    10-09-2015 | 1 min read

    Instant experiential: Kagulu prices cars with digital signage

    Used car dealerships aren’t usually known for their quirky marketing.

    03-09-2015 | 1 min read

    Smart car’s gaming brand experience

    Electric cars don’t just have to be green; they can be super fun to drive too.

    17-07-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Fiat’s parking billboard

    Have you ever needed a friend to help guide you into a tight parking space?

    25-06-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Traffic warden lifts NYC taxi

    You may have seen this image circulating this week, and we’re sorry to break it you, but it was all a marketing stunt rather than the discovery of a real-life incredible hulk.

    22-06-2015 | 1 min read

    Mini and Jeep get fans to check-in

    At the Brussels Auto Show, which runs until the 22nd of this month, Mini has created a stunt designed to encourage online engagement with the Countryman in a real-life setting.

    13-03-2015 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Toyota’s x-wave weather challenge

    Sometimes meteorologists get it wrong. And Toyota thought it was time to hold them accountable.

    09-03-2015 |

    An extreme pizza delivery from Nissan

    Joss Davidge’s experiential highlight of the week is this extreme experiential activation from Nissan with Japanese pizza chain PIZZA-LA.

    23-02-2015 |

    Speed dating with a stunt driver

    Speed dating took on a whole new meaning in this adventurous Valentine’s Day prank from Ford. 

    06-11-2014 | 1 min read

    Nissan’s Oculus Rift rollerblading experience

    Nissan showed off the features of the almighty Nissan Juke whilst exploring the possibilities of Oculus Rift with its Chase The Thrill virtual experience.

    26-09-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Porsche’s multi-sensory pop-up

    We often come across experiential pop-up spaces in our pursuit for inspiring experiential marketing.

    15-08-2014 |

    Mercedes-Benz's art and music mash-up

    Mercedes-Benz has got people talking about its new model with a nine-city music tour, ‘The Evolution Tour’.

    15-05-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Smart’s fun-sized delivery service

    For the launch of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, the brand made the most of experiential marketing in Hong Kong with a fun-sized fast food delivery service.

    19-03-2014 | 1 min read

    Great Experiential Marketing: Real-life Mario Kart experience

    It’s highly likely that many punters’ dreams came true at Austin’s SXSW Festival this month thanks to the “Mario Karting Reimagined” experience.

    06-12-2013 |

    An interactive cinema experience from Mazda

    We think this idea from Mazda is great, bringing the all-new 2014 Mazda3 to life for a cinema audience through an interactive test drive challenge. 

    02-08-2013 |

    RAV4 offline website experience

    Toyota wanted to talk to the right people about the new RAV4 in South Africa, so after identifying them as the outdoor types (who wouldn’t be likely to spend time clicking through cars online) the marque devised an offline website experience.

    29-05-2013 |

    Experiencing Volkswagen’s 4Motion first hand

    Volkswagen Canada kept things simple with this nice little stunt designed to show the capabilities of the Touareg’s 4Motion technology. 

    19-04-2013 |

    Volkswagen demonstrates in-car feature with humour

    We love the simplicity of this campaign. No stand, no flashing lights, no over-enthusiastic performers or car to be seen.

    12-10-2012 |

    Audi Quattro Scalextric experience

    In order to connect with young businessmen Audi Canada ran this great campaign.  

    05-10-2012 |

    Hyundai - Real life pixels

    Hyundai caused quite a stir when it revealed an animatronic wall, dubbed the Hyper-Matrix, at the 2012 Yeosu Expo. 

    31-08-2012 |

    Nissan provides Londoners with the world's cheapest taxi

    To promote the claim that the new Nissan Leaf is six times cheaper than petrol cars the brand came up with this interesting activation.

    24-08-2012 |

    Volkswagen #QRLoad

    Volkswagen Mexico created this QR code campaign to promote the capacity of its Crafter transit vans. The brand built a giant QR code out of boxes of oranges.

    17-08-2012 |

    Kia rear-view camera race

    To launch a new in-car rear-view camera Kia hosted a backwards car race, which resulted in over a thousand cameras being ordered directly after the event!

    16-08-2012 |

    Nissan Leaf - A world without petrol

    Nissan Australia created an outdoor art installation that encouraged people to imagine what petrol pumps could be used for in "a world without petrol". 

    27-07-2012 |

    Great test drive game for new Smart car

    To promote the new generation of Smart cars, at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, Daimler created a giant version of the classic computer game "Pong". 

    13-07-2012 |

    MINI creates Thrill Bench to promote JWC Countryman

    During the Geneva Motor Show 2012 MINI came up with a novel way to get people talking about the new JWC Countryman.

    06-07-2012 |

    Audi "Action Team" gets motorists back on the road

    We think our Brand Ambassadors are super helpful people but a new video has come to light that shows how far some BA's go to get the right message across!

    22-06-2012 |

    Mercedes Benz tweets parking spaces

    Mercedes Benz took its "Park Assist" feature to the streets with this interesting campaign.

    18-05-2012 |

    New Chevrolet Sonic stunt is part of wider campaign

    Chevrolet has launched an extensive multi-platform campaign that is an attempt to align the new Chevy Sonic with its target audience, the young and adventurous.

    03-05-2012 |

    Mercedes Benz launch new campaign that makes you look twice

    Pictures have emerged of a new ambient campaign for Mercedes Benz in Canada.

    27-04-2012 |

    Volkswagen ambient campaign transformed by social media.

    As an extension to the "light painting" adverts that were aired on Canadian TV earlier in the year, Volkswagen launched "Art Heist", an ambient campaign that has also driven conversation online.

    18-03-2011 |

    Porsche thanks one million Facebook fans

    Porsche has something to celebrate this week, it's the fastest automotive brand ever to reach 1 million Facebook fans.