Great Experiential Marketing: Quilmes’ table football

    Argentinian beer brand Quilmes reinvented the classic game of table football by making it playable online, in real time and long-distance.


    Milka vending machine gets people to hold hands

    Swiss-based chocolate company Milka has joined the ranks of novel vending machine stunts with a campaign that calls for Argentinians to “Dare to be Tender”.


    Festival experience with performing festival toilets

    Most of us have been there. You're at the big summer festival, a blissful mix of great music and great friends, life is sweet.


    QRiosity codes in Argentina

    Missing Children, a charity in Argentina, wanted to raise awareness about the work that it is doing and encourage people to get involved. 


    Budweiser - Goal in the dark

    Budweiser has launched a new campaign in Argentina that brings the beautiful game into the world of clubbing.


    Andes Beer: The Great Escape

    Andes Beer, a brand renowned in Argentina for its quirky advertising, has just released this video of its "Great Escape" campaign.