Toblerone partners with Because for a shimmering Christmas sampling event at the fashion capital 

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In late 2023, Toblerone unveiled an alluring newcomer to its line of premium chocolates: Toblerone Pralines.

These pralines boast a signature Toblerone angular chocolate shell encasing a creamy filling, studded with bits of crunchy honey and almond nougat, crafted into diamond-shaped delights. Each praline is individually wrapped and nestled within a stylish box, making it an ideal gift for the holiday season.

Despite its robust brand recognition, Toblerone wanted to elevate its perceived premium quality while enhancing buying frequency and gifting appeal, which is why they came to Because. This gap presented an opportunity to reinforce its presence in the ‘special occasions’ niche with the sophisticated diamond shaped Toblerone Pralines.

With the Christmas season inundated with gifting choices, our goal was to stand out, tantalise taste buds, and position Toblerone Pralines as the quintessential premium Christmas present. What Toblerone needed was a sampling activation that shimmered.

Imagine merging Because with fashion guru Jamie Azzopardi, the illustrious Chadstone ‘the Fashion Capital’, two dazzling models, and Toblerone Pralines. The result? A sampling campaign that could seamlessly grace the Met Gala.

In a mere four hours of sampling, our brand ambassadors distributed over 6,000 Toblerone Pralines and struck poses for countless photos with Chadstone’s patrons. The activation had clearly hit all seven steps to sampling heaven

This immersive experience, allowing consumers to engage with the brand tangibly, proved invaluable. The personal touch, the chance to savor the pralines firsthand, and the direct interaction with the brand ambassadors significantly enhanced the perceived value and desirability of Toblerone Pralines as a special Christmas gift.

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