Celebrating Father’s Day with a whole new (tri)angle, for Toblerone


A ‘dadfluencer’ Father’s Day campaign for the edgiest chocolate around, that celebrated every dad’s gloriously quirky quirks.


Millions of people around the world familiar with the brilliantly awkward triangular deliciousness that is Toblerone will agree: the daringly different delight has been the king of classic chocolate gifts for just about as long as anyone can remember. But with its recent repositioning – Be More Triangle – the brand is more than just embracing its own and its fans’ inherent quirkiness. It’s giving it a massive bear hug. (Yip, that pun was totally intentional and does refer to the hidden figure inside their iconic logo.)

Down in the land of Oz, Toblerone has long been a go-to Father’s Day favourite. So, when we were tasked with bringing the edgier side of the brand to life for those celebrating the first Sunday in September, we knew we had to embrace the weird, strikingly different, and wonderful side of not only the Swiss chokkie, but Aussie dads alike.

Luckily, Toblerone and everyone’s Ol’ Man have something very unique in common – both have edge.

With awareness and reach as our core objectives, we decided to partner with macro influencers for a classic gift-and-reveal strategy. Only, we knew from the outset that the personalities and the pieces needed a unique angle too – that all-important ‘quirk’.

For the giftbox, we tapped into the ever-popular unboxing video, and the DIY psyche of lockdown dads. We gave them everything they needed to brew their own kick-ass specialist stove-top espresso ­– the perfect conduit for entertaining chocolate eating. Then, left it up to them to make the content their own.

And when it came to choosing influencers, instead of sending the giftboxes out far and wide and hoping for the best, we followed suit with the chocolatier and embraced those who embody the spirit of being the proverbial square triangular pegs in the round holes. This made sure the content generated would have the real, organic edge and quirk we needed. Take a looksee.

But as you’ll see, the twist here was that we didn’t only gift ‘dadfluencers’ directly. We split our selection between givers and receivers, broadening the point-of-view of the occasion, and widening the campaign’s appeal. And to give the general public a (triangular) piece of the action, “For Dads With A Bit More Edge” ad placements on the ever-popular Broadsheet clicked through to the Coles online store where they could purchase a 360g Toblerone bar with our “Best Dad Ever” custom sleeve.

The results speak for themselves. The influencer strategy paid off big time and generated content that we shared in the week building up to the big day, pushing Toblerone as the choice chocolate for #DadsWithMoreEdge.

In the end, by allowing these dads (and the brand) to be their own unique, gloriously quirky selves, our audience vicariously experienced indulging in copious amounts of Swiss Chocolate, edginess, and a generous serving of dad jokes. And at the same time, Toblerone cemented their new #BeMoreTriangle positioning while championing Father’s Day for another year. Sweet as!

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