Toasting to Local Legends & Wilder Success


Wild Turkey teamed up with Matthew McConaughey to give back to Local Legends and their communities with their ground-breaking ‘With Thanks’ platform.

2020 has provided plenty of lessons, both good and bad, but here in the Because offices, there’s one that has been underlined and highlighted countless times: the need to be more sustainable, eco-conscious, and to give back to our communities. At Because we too want to do more with our clients and partners, and we want to inspire positive change. To do that, we’re learning from other marketing pioneers and rule-breakers, folk who are putting people and the environment first – and not just to tick boxes, but to make a real impact.

And that’s where Oscar award-winner and bourbon whiskey advocate enters the stage. Matthew McConaughey, one of my all-time favourite actors (hello Dazed and Confused Circa 1993. Yes, once a 90s girl always a 90s girl!) is the Creative Director at Wild Turkey and the mastermind behind the ‘Local Legends’ campaign on the ‘With Thanks’ platform. The platform shines a light on the Australian firefighters, paramedics, first responders, community helpers and all the caregivers who looked after people, the environment, and animals during the many crises of 2020. These included catastrophic wildfires, a terrible drought, and a tourism-crippling pandemic. Matthew helped to tell the stories of these incredible role models, and how they helped their communities and people to reconnect with the wilderness. These profiles were all weaved through the digital magic of video calls and Matthew’s impressive interviewing skills. Not only did they celebrate these local heroes, but it also helped to share advice on how we can all do our bit to get the bush and communities back on their feet.

As part of the ‘With Thanks’ initiative, a percentage of all proceeds from Wild Turkey bottles sold in November and December and from Wild Turkey’s cabin, The Reserve, will be donated to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in support of bushfire regeneration.

So, why do we love this smart campaign so much? It nails all three goals that this year has emphasised for us: sustainability, eco-consciousness, and giving back to local communities. And even more impressively, it neatly sidestepped travel and social distancing restrictions with digital means, but still stayed true to the adventurous brand DNA of Wild Turkey. For that, we raise a toast to giving back, and to reconnecting to the wild for our health, and that of our communities.

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